Wingback Wingston CardHolder - Dual Symmetrical Pockets

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Colour: Whisky
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Our smartest working wallet yet.

The Winston Card Holder was designed to fix a problem. Natural leather tends to stretch over time, so a wallet’s capacity can only increase – along with the risk of it losing its contents on the move. This led us to design a stainless steel leaf spring system hidden inside the card holder that will ensure its dual pockets always retain a tight fit, whether you carry one or 10 cards. Its symmetrical pockets also allow for fast one-handed access to your top cards when in a hurry. Bulk up your wallet, slim it down, and your cards will always stay secure. Handmade from exceptional, hard-wearing materials, the Winston Card Holder should comfortably outlive any leather wallet you’ve ever owned and work equally well on day one as on day 1,000. Choose the leather, then personalise your Card Holder with a choice of thread, initials and even your phone number to help track it down if it ever goes missing.

• Holds 1-10 cards and folded cash of any currency
• Dual symmetrical pockets allow one-handed access to top cards
• Hidden stainless steel leaf springs keep contents secure
• Increase or decrease card carry and pockets will always retain a tight fit
• Handmade in London from full-grain, veg-tanned Tuscan leather
• Charcoal: Charcoal comes finished with black thread as standard
• Chestnut: Chestnut comes finished with brown thread as standard
• Whisky: Whisky comes finished with brown thread as standard


From design and materials to manufacture and packaging, we don’t cut corners. Our leather is a byproduct of the meat industry and vegetable tanned to be kinder on the environment. We unite the hand-crafted quality of saddle stitching with the precision of laser engraving. All our products can be personalised and are made to order. It takes time, but so does anything worth holding onto.


Our full grain, vegetable tanned, environmentally certified Tuscan leather is firm and rugged, displaying natural markings that hint at stories of a past life. During the first few weeks of use, it will soften and conform to hold its contents snugly. Over time it will develop a rich patina, an enduring legacy of the journeys you’ve shared and scrapes you've survived.


Leather: Full grain, vegetable tanned, environmentally certified leather from Tuscany, Italy.

Thread: Coloured heavy gauge Gütermann thread from Germany, Europe.

Pouch: Oeko-Tex double thickness cotton from Poland, Europe.

Finish: Laser cut, hand-stitched, bevelled, burnished and packaged in London, UK.

Dimensions: 93mm x 65mm x 10mm
Capacity: 1-10 cards, plus folded notes of any currency

The leather will feel stiff at first, but with use it will soften and conform to hold its contents snugly. When decreasing the card holder’s capacity, it is worth removing all cards, squeezing the wallet in your hands to reset the springs, and then re-inserting your desired number of cards. This will ensure it keeps everything in place.