Corporate Gift

Gifting as a mission

Gift is a sign of appreciation or representation of a company. Show your gratitude to customers, colleagues or employees which in addition to enhance social relation through our gifting platform specially design for corporates.

Customization on Corporate Gifts

Storming Gravity capable in variety of customization from corporate colour, size, wordings & design. We always strive to deliver top notch satisfaction with best possible price to our beloved clients.

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After few years of running, we will start limiting our phone call support because we think it is not efficient for our customer. There are few of us handling the support channels, we think it is best to communicate via chat box, by doing this, we can always refer to the chat history to understand the situation so that you do not need to repeat your question over and over everytime you contact us. Also, we often need to share photos / links or check with other parties when there are some logistic issues, from our experience, 90% of calls will be redirected to WhatsApp/E-mail again and you will likely have to repeat your question there. Who likes to be hold on the phone, right?