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Snap Case For iPads (New) - Moft

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Makes A Modular Workstation Possible

The Snap Case is one of those exceptional cases that is compatible with Apple’s Magic Keyboard. For the maximum possibilities it can bring, we designed it to connect to MOFT’s Ecosystem of Snap Accessories for iPads.

Note: The Snap Tablet Stand is sold separately.

[Snap Case 12.9"]
Compatibility: iPad Pro 12.9" Gen 5
Dimensions: 11*8.8*0.3 in/285*225*9 mm
Weight: 5 oz/148.5 g

[Snap Case 11"]
Compatibility: iPad Air Gen 4/5, iPad 11" 1/2/3
Dimensions: 9.8*5.7*0.3 in/250*185*9 mm
Weight: 4 oz/148.5 g
Material: PC, Vegan leather back panel, Metal sheets, Magnets, Fiberglass

A magnet-friendly case to support a versatile viewing experience

The Snap Case allows you to snap on and off our Snap System accessories, including the Snap Tablet Stand and Snap Float Stand, to unlock versatile viewing possibilities.

A thin case compatible with the Magic Keyboard

Our slim case is designed to allow the latest iPad Air and iPad Pros to seamlessly connect to Apple's Magic Keyboard through the Smart Connector pass-through technology. Its open edge design enables a smooth and natural fit.

Considerate, protective experience

Offers effective protection for the fragile tip and body of the Apple Pencil so you will never lose your creative companion again.

Vegan leather texture for smooth hand-holding

The back panel features a vegan leather layer panel for an uncompromising smooth touch while adding a layer of protection from daily scratches.