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Moft Smart Desk Mat

Moft Smart Desk Mat

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The First Mat that Combines Desk Mat, Stand, Organizer Board Together.

An adjustable desk mat featuring modular design enables you to organize your workspace that helps you stay focused and comfortable.

Dimensions: 19.8*7.7*0.3 in/50.4*30*0.7 cm

Material: Vegan leather, Fiberglass, Metal sheets

Weight: 55.6 oz/1577 g

Smart Digital Kit includes: 1 x Main body, 1 x Snap Phone Sticker, 3 x Cable Organizers, 1 x MagSafe Wireless Charging Pad, 1 x Tablet Holder, 1 x Wrist cushion
Smart Paper Kit includes: 1 x Main body, 2 x Book Holders, 2 x Memo Holder, 1 x Wrist Cushion
Smart Full kit includes: 1 x Main body, 1 x Snap Phone Sticker, 3 x Cable Organizers, 1 x MagSafe Wireless Charging Pad, 1 x Tablet Holder, 2 x Book Holders, 2 x Memo Holder, 1 x Wrist cushion

*Apple Watch Holder sold seperately, get it here*

Snap on With the Modular Kit
A Fun Working Solution
for Your Digital World

With Our Magnetic Accessories

Snap On To Make Everything Neat and Tidy

With the magnetic accessories in place, simply “throw” all your work essentials together on it - the coolest and fastest way to keep them uncluttered and at your fingertips. No scattered devices, cables, pens, or papers. No trace of disorder. Nice and Neat.

The Digital Set

Dual-Screen Setup That Boosts Efficiency

The digital set allows for a tablet and phone propped up simultaneously, making multitasking easier than on a singular device. Drag and drop files, or have a quick glance at reference materials without a hitch.

The Paper Set

Mood Board That Inspires

The paper set collates notes, scripts, photographs to help channel your creativity by giving visuals to ideas. Whenever you get stuck in the middle of nurturing a project idea, simply snap on all inspirational materials to feed your mind.

Quickly Get into your flow

Focus & Comfortable Workflow

Uncluttered Desk Space

A Seamless Reading Experience

Slim & Spacious One-piece Design

Quick & Convenient Transition of Workspace

The mat has ample surface space for your workstation setup - a laptop, notebook, and cup of coffee - yet with easy-to-carry slimness. Rise up, and carry all the work essentials as they’re organized, from the living room to the kitchen, staying active throughout the day effortlessly.

Elevates All Your Devices from a Single Desk Mat

Multitasking Made Fluent at the Same Angle

Create a multi-screen ecosystem to view and organize all your devices like never before. Everything you need to focus at eye level.

Slide to Adjust The Angle

Make Viewing Even More Comfortable

Under the top layer of the mat, it's a cinch to adjust the angle to 25° or 45°-60° through sliding, satisfying all your viewing needs and making you more comfortable at your work time.

Built-in NFC Functions

Tap to Get Into Focus Mode

Two NFC hotspots are embedded in the smart mat. Each can be customized to personal preference with a wide range of apps, such as concentration apps, to keep you on track and focused.

Control it all like magic

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