Tropic Feel

Tropic Feel

When we think about travel, we often need to prepare several types of shoes, for instance sport shoes, slippers or casual shoe for different activities. Ideally, our shoes should create a comfortable experience and versatile for any functions.

Tropic is that kind of shoes that fits all the boxes. It is made for exploring everything, whether you are trekking, walking on the water or playing sports, you can just wear them everywhere. It is hard for travellers to find stylish, cosy and water-resistant shoes in current market.

Moreover, if you ever leave your shoes out in hotel balcony to dry or pack them up in a plastic bag and this will leave a horrible smell in your luggage later after the trip. Tropic is a footwear designed for pleasant outdoor experience by using 3D mesh materials it allows you to swim, breathe and let the water go through or absorbing as less as possible. This material making the shoes water friendly, breathable, versatile and odour-free as well as slip on design makes it easy to get on and go. Partnership with Cosmo Fabrics, a revolutionary performance and marketing-based composites and textiles so all materials are done in an environmentally responsible and vegan friendly.

 “After a trip to Thailand, where we walked hundreds of hours with heavy backpacks and returned with destroyed sneakers, we came up with the idea of developing the most versatile footwear for travellers” said Alberto Espinós, Tropic Feel’s co-founder and an experienced globetrotter with more than 40 countries visited.

Tropic aimed to become a shoe that can handle everything. Now, you can grab this shoe to go from the beach to a restaurant, climb mountain and then walk on city streets. It is your choice to walk more and carry less.


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is this shoe good for people who are flat footed?


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