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Wingback Wingston Travel Wallet

Wingback Wingston Travel Wallet

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The Winston Wallet with extra leg room.

Imagine the Winston Wallet got upgraded to first class and you have the Winston Travel Wallet. It features the same double barrelled design that allows for comfortable storage of 12+ cards and several banknotes stored flat. Its dual pockets mean you can keep your primary bankcard separate for tap-and-go contactless payments. And, with two passport-sized pockets built into its bifold design, it neatly fits all your travel essentials in one place. Hold onto your travel companion’s passport for safekeeping at the airport, stow extra travel money or simply tuck a passport-sized notebook inside, then slip it all into your jacket pocket. Every wallet is hand stitched in our London workshop and made from full grain Tuscan leather that will develop a rich patina over time, serving as a reminder of the journeys you’ve shared. Our most popular product to gift, you can pick the leather, thread and inscription for the ideal personalised present and an instant classic that will last a lifetime.

• Holds 4-12 cards, 2 passports and 20+ notes of every currency
• Dual card pockets for fast tap-and-go contactless payments
• Bifold design and slim profile – perfect for jacket pocket carry
• Handmade in London from full-grain vegetable tanned Tuscan leather
• Chestnut comes finished with brown thread as standard
• Charcoal: Charcoal comes finished with black thread as standard
• Chestnut: Chestnut comes finished with brown thread as standard
• Whisky: Whisky comes finished with brown thread as standard


From design and materials to manufacture and packaging, we don’t cut corners. Our leather is a byproduct of the meat industry and vegetable tanned to be kinder on the environment. We unite the hand-crafted quality of saddle stitching with the precision of laser engraving. All our products can be personalised and are made to order. It takes time, but so does anything worth holding onto.


Our full grain, vegetable tanned, environmentally certified Tuscan leather is firm and rugged, displaying natural markings that hint at stories of a past life. During the first few weeks of use, it will soften and conform to hold its contents snugly. Over time it will develop a rich patina, an enduring legacy of the journeys you’ve shared and scrapes you've survived.


Leather: Full grain, vegetable tanned, environmentally certified leather from Tuscany, Italy.

Thread: Coloured heavy gauge Gütermann thread from Germany, Europe.

Pouch: Oeko-Tex double thickness cotton from Poland, Europe.

Finish: Laser cut, hand-stitched, bevelled, burnished and packaged in London, UK.

Dimensions: 100mm x 154mm x 10mm
Capacity: 4-12 cards, 20+ notes stored flat or folded, passport + more

The leather will feel stiff at first but with use it will soften and conform to hold its contents snugly.
As such you can gradually increase capacity but not decrease it.
The wallet holds GBP and Euro notes up to 145mm x 90mm flat and USD and larger notes folded once.

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