ZUNGLE - Sunglasses with built in bone conduction speakers


ZUNGLE - Sunglasses with built in bone conduction speakers

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Matte Black x Bonfire
Matte White x Moss Green
Matte Grey x Oasis Blue

Safe listening with open-ear solution

Zungle Panther’s Bone Conduction speaker transmits sound waves to the skull via vibrations. This lets you hear external sound when listening to music, and therefore much safer than earphones or headphones which completely block out sound from outside. Enjoy safer outdoor activities with Zungle Panther.

Bone Conduction Sound System

It allows a whole new way to enjoy the music with Zungle Panther’s bone conduction speakers on each end of legs. Wear your favorite tunes in your daily life.

Freedom from wires – Wireless Bluetooth

Zungle Panther can be paired with your smart phone through wireless bluetooth. You can use all the music apps that you’ve been using before on your smart phone. Enjoy music on your smart phone with Zungle Panther’s wireless Bluetooth.

Phone calls with a built-in mic

Zungle Panther has a built-in noise-cancelling microphone that lets you make and answer phone calls. With Zungle Panther, you can easily have phone calls with quality sound when riding or running.

Touchpad Control

Zungle Panther has a touchpad on its right side. With the touchpad, you can control your play list. The touchpad will offer you a straight forward guide to use the Panther.

Hidden USB port

A USB port is a must as Zungle Panther is an electronic device. However, Zungle Panther does not give up appealing aesthetics for technology. You will charge your Panther with the USB port that is built in and hidden on the Hinge.


Size / Weight 147x145x52 (mm) / 50g
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
A2DP profile, CSR aptX® audio codec Wireless Range: 30 feet / 10 meters
Compatibility Any Device (Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, etc.)
has Bluetooth and communication functions built-in
Battery Stand-by time 100 hours / Play time 4 hours 3.7v 300mAh Lithium Polymer
Charging time Less than 1 hour by Micro USB
Package Includes Zungle Panther, Micro USB cable, Soft case, Cleaning cloth, Manual & warranty, Sticker pack

Super Light

5 Colors


Sweat Proof

About Zungle

Zungle Creates Wearable Device That's Actually Wearable.
To expand and lead consumer sector of eyewear wearable market
by redefining existing wearable devices
Zungle’s products are designed in the U.S and manufactured in Korea.
Zungle was founded in 2015 and currently consist of members throughout New York, L.A., and Seoul.

We strive for the world with more fun.
We create something that the world has never seen before.

We are entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers.
At the same time, we are fixie riders, snowboarders, and sneakerheads.

New things. New mixes.
We are born curious. We always ask questions. We come up with answers.
Through this process, we create our own new rules.

We do what we want.