WYPE Accessories Kit
WYPE Accessories Kit
WYPE Accessories Kit


WYPE Accessories Kit

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Roller Only
Floor Wiping Bar Only
Brush Roller Only
Solid Trash Box Only
4-in-1 Set

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Immerse in water, massage by hand to make it completely soft Clean various kinds of garbage on the floor Recommended to replace every 4 months

Polymer roller adsorption particles, deep decontamination
Good quality, more durable
Not corroded, does not fall off, does not slag
Non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly

Polymer roller, absorb water instantly

High-density hydrophilic molecules with interconnected pores
Good water absorption, fast drying, acid and alkali resistance



Dust Bin for B10

Suitable for BEHOW electric roller mop B10
Gently lift to remove the dust bin
In order to get rid of the solid garbage after self-cleaning




The dust bin is fixed in the base
Easy to collect and store solid garbage
In order not to block the drain