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WISO - World's easiest personal safety device!

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Blow or press WISO for 2 seconds

Can promptly activate your help call and SOS texts and emails.
Immediate help from friends and family can be provided in your moment of need.
Thanks to the Bluetooth technology.

WISO    -  iOS     -  Android 

24hrs safeguarding

For female, student, home-alone elderly and run trainer, it is an all-weather safety buddy.

24hr WISO

Emergency Location tracking

Simple discreet location info on a map will be included in the SMS and email to your pre-stored contacts, so that faster help can be sent when you need it most.





  • A supported smartphone (iPhone or Android) with WISO app installed and configured for most features to function.
  • Both Bluetooth and location should be enabled in the smartphone setting, and the app should have permission to use location data. Otherwise contacts won't know your location when WISO is activated.
  • A working mobile internet connection in order for the WISO app to notification contacts.


  • WISO works on Apple iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy).
  • Supported Apple Devices using iOS 7 or higher: iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5C, 5S, 4S
  • Supported Android Devices using 4.4 or higher (KitKat or Lollipop): Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6,
    HTC One, Butterfly S, LG Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Sony Xperia E3
  • Please note the following mobile devices are not recommended for use with WISO.
    Samsung Notes 3 is not recommended due its severe BLE issues when upgraded to Android 5.0.
    Motorola Moto E with Android 4.4.2 is not a recommended due to its unstable Bluetooth connection.

Beautifully strong, strongly beautiful

We respect your privacy

  • You control when and what data is shared. WISO product will deliver location info to your emergency contacts ONLY when you choose to.
  • Web links with users' locations are automatically disabled after a set of time.
  • 2048-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used for all communications between app and server.

Ease of Use

  • You log in through existing social network accounts, including: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Yahoo! Japan and Mixi..
  • When an emergency occurs, your pre-selected contacts are notified through SMS/email/phone call, along with a web link with the user's location history that can be opened by all modern web browsers.

Maximum Reliability

  • Multiple service providers for sending SMS/email in the most timely and reliable manner
  • WISO is designed to work in an uncertain environment, it copes with unreliable network condition and sends the most up-to-date information to the server when possible. The server is equally designed to cope with a client with bad network access.
  • When the server detects that no emergency contacts has opened the included location tracking web link, it automatically resends SMS/email with the link to the contacts several times to improve the chance of the message being seen.

Minimum battery drain

  • During standby, our app and WISO minimizes communication to conserve phone & device battery.
  • In a sustained emergency, WISO adjusts its operation according to the phone's battery level. When the battery is low, WISO app updates the phone's location at a reduced rate, ensuring sustained operation of the phone and the app.


1. Q: If I swipe away WISO app from my iPhone, will my WISO work?
A: WISO app needs to listen for WISO activity in the background, therefore do not swipe away WISO app in the Recent Apps list.

2. Q: If I force close WISO app in my Android phone, will my WISO work?
A: WISO app needs to listen for WISO activity in the background, please do not force close WISO app.
3. Q: Why shall I remove battery from WISO before boarding a plane?
A: WISO is equipped with an atmosphere pressure sensor, in order to prevent accidental activaties on under abnormal conditions, it is advised to disconnect the battery before: airplane flight, train rides that go through narrow tunnels, roller coaster and high-speed lift/elevator rides
4. Q: I don't see WISO's emergency phone call feature in my iOS phone, why?
A: Emergency phone call feature is not available for iOS users and this is a result of the native restriction of iOS platform. On the iPhone, phone call function is prohibited when the WISO app is in background mode (which is the usual use case) .
5. Q: I was asked to enter a Bluetooth pairing code when pairing my iPhone and WISO, and what is the code?
A: 062415.
6. Q: How do I know my WISO is not connected with my phone?
A: Red blinking LED shows WISO is not connected with phone. Place WISO and phone to within 5-6 meters to reconnect with each other and prolong battery life.
7. Q: Why is there a 10 free SMS limit?
A: Due to privacy considerations, WISO app cannot send SMS directly on users' behave. To provide SMS service, we work with world leading independent SMS providers, as such users' monthly SMS quota is not effected when we send SMS. Extended SMS service is provided that allows unlimited SMS to be sent.
8. Q: Why do my SMS recipients see a sender ID from an unknown phone number?
A: Due to privacy considerations, our app cannot send SMS directly on users'
behave. Therefore we work with world leading independent SMS providers to send SMS using independent phone numbers.
9. Q: Why are there 3 different colors of location tag on the tracking map?
A: These colors are used to help identify location data accuracy. The more green markers you see, the more accurate the positioning you receive.
The level of accuracy depends on the phone itself, the environment and the operation system of the phone.
10. Q: I have a Gmail account, but could not log in using Google+ login, how do I fix it?
A: Gmail is Google's mail service, whereas Google+ is Google's social networking service. To log into our app through Google+, simply enable Google+ service for your Gmail account first, you will then able to use your Gmail to log into our service.
11. Q: Is the Bluetooth connection stable?
A: We have optimized how WISO and our app interacts. While we cannot change how well a phone's bluetooth work, we have made sure that our app will always be able to receive WISO activation event when the two are connected, even if the app and the WISO are disconnected at the time of activation.
12. Q: Does the app use a lot of battery?
A: Under normal conditions our app uses very little battery. When an emergency event is active, our app will only update user's current location every few minutes, which in our test using iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 9 uses only 2% of battery every hour. Therefore in most situations our app should be able to provide enough battery life for the duration of a typical emergency.