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Vinci - World's First Intelligent 3D Headphones

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A Voice-controlled Mobile Assistant that Understands You.

Ask Vinci to change the music or direct you to go home. Tell it to schedule an appointment or dictate a text.

Vinci works independently (which means you do not necessarily need to connect to your phone) to deliver on-the-go convenience. 

The more you use it, the more Vinci understands you.

Voice Control Your Vinci

 Listen to any song with Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, or SoundCloud.

Intuitive touch control.

Vinci is super easy to use. Put the headphones on and music automatically plays. Remove them and music automatically pauses. 

Swipe forward/backward to easily change tracks. 

Swipe up/down to adjust volume. 

Voice commands can be activated by saying "Hey Vinci" or using one finger to press and hold to talk.
Listen to text and voice messages read aloud to you by Vinci. 
Online and offline local storage means you can have anytime, anywhere access to your music, maps, information, and more.


Completely standalone. No phone required.

A local storage of 16GB allows you to save your complete music library into Vinci. No matter where you are, you're music will not stop. Enable with 3G- and WiFi, the Vinci experience is an "always connected" one.

Smart Bluetooth with Hi-Fi sound

Bluetooth 4.1

HD Sound

40% Better Voice Communication Performance

Lightning-speed battery charges

Our 1500mAh battery allows you to listen to 15 hours of continuous music playback with only a 1 hour charge. 

Vinci AI Architecture 

With hundreds of thousands of soundtracks from massive music resources, Vinci learns the abstractive representations of songs, powered by deep learning techniques. Sounds will be extracted as signals, and then fed into neural networks after pre-processing.

 Immersive 3D audio playback

Vinci's 3D audio playback allows you to experience increased audio immersion and sense of sound space.

3D binaural sound recording

Not only does Vinci sound great, its 3D sound recording technology captures and immerses you in your favorite audio activities. For music fans, imagine being transported to the best seats in a concert hall.

Active head-tracking

Equipped with active head-tracking, Vinci helps listeners to perceive sound from original fixed point in space, introducing new ways of user interaction and augmented acoustic reality.

Listen with your headphones to get the real effect of Vinci's 3D sound:

Use your headphones to get the real effect of Vinci's 3D sound recording capabilities:

Smart Noise Cancellation

Vinci uses dual-mic noise reduction technology to filter out ambient noise from the desired sound, which improves voice recognition in any noisy environment

Vinci can cancel unwanted ambient noise to enhance your music-listening experience.

Smart Noise Cancellation Modes

Vinci can detect where you are (on train, on airplane, in a shopping mall, or subway) to proactively adapt suitable noise cancellation modes.



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