VAGO - Smallest way to get biggest luggage space - Pre-order (Ship out on 27 Nov)

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VAGO - Smallest way to get biggest luggage space - Pre-order (Ship out on 27 Nov)

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White + 1 x Free M Size Bag

Traveling is more and more popular today and people do enjoy different cultures and embrace pleasant surprises during the journeys. From shopping-frenzy city to scenic sightseeing, what every traveler will do in common is to bring back as many souvenirs as they can. Owing to the size limit of the baggage, how to bring more back?

We, as travel nerds, have come up with an innovative magic tool - VAGO

VAGO is a small device you can easily carry-on during the travel. It can compress the clothes automatically. Therefore,it creates extra space within your baggage.
We believe VAGO can create a whole new experience as an essential travel tool.

According to our research, clothes, bags and other soft materials use most of the space in your luggage. However, most volume of these materials are mostly occupied by air. In other words, we take a bunch of air during traveling! Smart VAGO using vacuum compressor to take air out from your clothes and gain more space for you.

 The operation of VAGO is very simple. All you need to do is:

VAGO is very tiny and easily portable,with only 70 mm in length and 85 grams in weight. It is easy to carry on during your trip.(Just like the size of an egg)

 VAGO has a smart sensor to detect pressure and is able to automatically stop after full compression, saving your time and energy.

VAGO can be powered by micro-USB cable and adapter or the mobile power pack.It can also vacuum your bag on the go. We believe it's convenient for a shopaholic to buy more.

You can use the same cable with your smartphone for recharge VAGO, this can be good to the environment without using any batterys and you do not have to carry extra cable.

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Q: The power voltage is different from country to country. Can we use VAGO in different countries?
A: Yes, VAGO uses the micro USB connector and can work with your micro-USB cable and adapter like your smart phone.

Q: How long will VAGO take to accomplish the job?
A: VAGO takes about 5 minutes to accomplish the job and it is related to how much stuff you put into the vacuum bag.

Q: Will VAGO work with noise?
A: We measured the average sound as VAGO work and it is only 50 db. People will not get annoyed with this kind of sound.

Q: What is the size of VAGO vacuum bags?
A: The size of VAGO vacuum bags is about 50cm*60cm.

Q: How many clothes can user put into the VAGO vacuum bags?
A: As shown in the video, you can put the following staffs into the VAGO vacuum bags: T-shirts *4 │ Sweaters *4 │ Pants *2 │ Underwear*6 │ Socks *3 (This list is only reference and may be different according to the size of clothes you put in)

Q: Can we choose the size of VAGO vacuum bags?
A: There is only one-size (50cm*60cm) you can choose.

Q: Can VAGO work with the regular Vacuum bags you can purchase in the supermarkets?
A: VAGO uses a unique adapter to connect with vacuum bags so VAGO can only work with VAGO vacuum bags. You cannot use the regular Vacuum bags to instead.

Q: How do I order extra bags?
A: Please do contact us at talktous@storminggravity.com if you need extra bags.

Q: Can I use AC to charge VAGO?
A: VAGO can only be powered by micro-USB cable and adapter or by the mobile power pack. There is no battery inside VAGO, so we can’t directly connect it to AC.

Q: Do I get warranty for my VAGO?
A: Yes. We have one-year warranty for VAGO.

Q: Can I re-use the vacuum bags?
A: Yes. We use strong and high quality materials for our vacuum bags. We didn’t inspect any obvious damages on our bags during our test.