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UO Smart Beam Laser Projector

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So you're in the market for a pico, or mini projector. Usually you're stuck having to choose two of the following three: 

High Resolution ? Reasonable Brightness? Small Size?


How do you even decide? You don't want a novelty projector toy, a glorified flashlight or a projector that’s just too large to bring around. You just want a mini projector that can beam a decently bright image in high-definition. Is that too much to ask?

Introducing: The UO Smart Beam Laser

An HD pico projector actually worth using

Normal pico projectors use dim LEDs to make an image.

Ours is different.

The UO Smart Beam Laser uses laser diodes to drive the advanced LCOS engine. This means that you get a screen that is actually bright enough to use in real life. Combine that with real 720p HD projection and you have an awesome picture that is both bright and sharp, every time. 

Did we mention, it's the World's Smallest HD LCOS Laser Projector?

Sheer clarity in real high definition.

Be immersed into your favorite movie or TV show with native 720p HD resolution. Enjoy crystal clear images and vibrant colors with UO Smart Beam’s advanced laser driven LCOS technology.

Impossibly sharp, every time.

Never worry about cumbersome manual focus adjustment like other portable projectors. The UO Smart Beam’s advanced laser diode is focus-free; it stays sharp, every time. We've produced industry-leading clarity using Class 1 lasers, safe for human eyes. 

Wide range of compatibility.

Connect wirelessly to many devices by screen mirroring or media casting, or connect your favorite smart phone, laptop, tablet PC or other mobile device using the built-in HDMI port. 

So small , you'll want to take it everywhere.

At only 2.2 inches, the UO Smart Beam Laser is the world's smallest LCOS-based laser HD pico projector. Throw it in a bag and take it with you wherever you go to have over 100 inches of crisp HD video from a mini projector. 

Listen your way

Use the built-in speaker or connect the video source to external audio devices. 

Use it at home or on-the-go

The built-in rechargeable 4200 mAh Li-Po battery is rated for 2 hours.

Enjoy large, vibrant HD anywhere you go.

Brightness is rated at 60 Lumens, nearly double other laser pico projectors.

NOTE: perceived brightness is substantially higher on a laser diode when compared to an LED pico projector of similar lumens. See FAQs for more details.