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The Fireman - Clitoral Vibrator for Vulva Stimulation

The Fireman - Clitoral Vibrator for Vulva Stimulation

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Did you know the stimulation of the labia can lead to more intense orgasms? This rounded-nose and flame-shaped clitoral vibrator extends the vibe from the clit nub to your intimate lips and bring you a unique sensorial experience. Get ready to melt…

Size: 14 x 3cm

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How To Use Your Clit Vibrator?

Did you know stimulation the labia around the clitoral glans can enhance your pleasure? Discover how to use clitoral vibrator the Fireman for a smouldering session! But before we move on to Smile Makers' favourite tips, let's start with the basics: our pleasure anatomy and how the Fireman has been designed to deliver vibration in a unique way!

Go Beyond Clit Simulation

Most clitoral vibrators offer either a very laser-focus stimulation on the clitoris or an overall pressure on the whole vulva area. The Fireman combines both to bring you a mind-blowing experience! Apply the tip on your clitoris, and the flame over the vulva area, and experiment with its 4 speeds and 2 pulsation modes!

Give Yourself Multiple Intense Orgasms

Build up arousal by applying the nose of the Fireman on the clitoris and the flame on the labia. Let your first orgasm roll over you, move up again the nose but keep stimulating the labia by keeping the flame on it. In tantric sex, this is done with the palm on the hand and it is called "grounding". Then, when you feel ready, re-apply the rounded nose on your clitoris glans. BREATHE, relax and experiment what works best for you!

Use Your Clit Vibrator With Your Partner

2 ideas to invite your vibrating friend to your partner sex session.
#1 Invite your partner to watch while you're having a good time.
#2 If you're having penetrative sex, ask your partner to use the Fireman on you. The additional stimulation might help you get there faster….and stronger!

Enjoy Outercourse With Your Vibrator

Our Tennis Coach may be a G-spot vibrator, but it does not mean you have to rush your way in! You can start by applying its rounded head on the clitoris glans, using speed 1 then speed 2 for a gentle build up. You can also massage the labia around the vagina.

An Innovative Clit Stimulator

Meet the Fireman, a unique and silent clitoral vibrator. Made of a super soft silicone imported from Japan, this unique sensual toy features a rounded nose that provides a strong and focused stimulation on the clitoris nub. But there's more…

From Clit Massage to Intense Orgasms

The Fireman's flame shape carries the vibration from the clitoral nub to the labia. The labia are a part of the vulva that we often overlook, despite their high sensitivity. This added massage enhances the whole experience of vulva stimulation to bring you more pleasure and intense orgasms.

The Fireman - Tips to Clit Orgasm

Apply the rounded nose of the Fireman on the clitoral nub for an intense clit massage. Press the flame on the labia around. Play with the 4 speeds and 2 pulsation modes to build up arousal, leading to the wonders of the clit orgasm!


What is a clit vibrator?

A clit vibrator is a vibrator designed for an external use on female genitalia, and more specifically on the clitoris glans, the visible nub from the clitoris.

How does a clit vibrator work?

Even though the clitoris' entire structure is mostly internal, the clitoral glans is a small nub extremely rich in nerve endings and the only visible part of the clitoris. Its stimulation is super pleasurable, which is why clit vibrators tend to focus on the glans only. But the Fireman takes it to the next level by massaging the labia around thanks to its flame shape.

When and how can you use a clit vibrator?

A clit vibrator is a great toy for solo play and couple fun. As the clitoris plays a central role in female pleasure and swells when aroused, we suggest using clit vibrator to build up arousal, especially if you intend to move on to penetrative sex or using an internal vibrator.
You can use a clit vibrator during penetration to enhance the whole experience. Indeed, 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to climax.

Will the edges of the vulva vibrator get in the way, they look tough?

Crafted from cryogenically polished high grade silicone, the edges of the Fireman are perfect to apply on the vulva. They are meant to apply a gentle pressure on and diffuse the vibration to the labia for more pleasure.

Can you use a clit stimulator internally?

This external vibrator is created to stimulate all the pleasure zones of the vulva, which is the external part of female genitalia. The shape is not optimal for internal use, and you should definitely not use it for anal penetration as there is no flared base. But you can try shallow penetration around the vaginal entrance to tickle this sensitive zone.

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