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Tesmo Kickstand - World's Smallest, Invisible & Portable Laptop Stand

Tesmo Kickstand - World's Smallest, Invisible & Portable Laptop Stand

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Comfort On-The-Go

Unlike other bulky and heavy laptop stands on the market, Tesmo weights only 17g. The depth of the kickstand is as thin as a coin. All you have to do is attach Tesmo to the bottom of your laptop. The lightweight and portable stand will transform your laptop into a desktop or workstation wherever you go.

Adjustable Angles

If you often travel with your laptop and like to retain your body’s posture, Tesmo kickstand definitely helps without adding extra bulk.

Strong Stability

Constructed with PU material, Tesmo is lightweight and sturdy. It allows you to hold up to 17.6lbs(8kg), giving you ultimate stability. The unmatched adhesive material allows you to conveniently attach and detach from your laptop without leaving a single mark.

Easy installation

Tesmo kickstand is simple and only takes a second to assemble. You will not become frustrated spending time on packing and unpacking the device. The kickstand will not interfere with your computer air vent.

Compatible with your phones & tablets

Tesmo Kickstand can be used not only on laptops but also on tablets and mobile phones. Simply, tear off the protective film and attach it to the back of your device. The perfect viewing experience is granted as your hands are set free.

Easy to attach and remove

Thanks to Tesmo Kickstand's special glue, it's not only durable and strong, but you can also detach and leave no residue on the surface, and re-attach Tesmo Kickstand with the same strong effectiveness.

Tesmo Kickstand weighs only 17g yet able to hold up to 17.6lbs (8kg). Portable, reusable and affordable.


Name: Tesmo Kickstand

Dimension: 6cm x 4.5cm

Thickness: 0.4cm

Package Includes: 1 pair of Tesmo Kickstand

Weight: 0.6oz / 17g

Material: PU, Reusable glue

Color: Gray

Control it all like magic

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