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Sttoke Lite 12oz - Forever Cold Drink or Ice Cream

Sttoke Lite 12oz - Forever Cold Drink or Ice Cream

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The Sttoke Lite has been engineered in every way focusing and honing down on that one trait – Freshness. While the Sttoke Classic is suitable for coffee, Sttoke Lite is suitabl for fruit juice, beer or ice cream.

14.4cm x 8.1cm x 8.4cm, weighing at only 249grams


Eating ice cream shouldn't be rushed in hopes that it doesn't melt. With the Sttoke Lite enjoy it over a movie marathon with un-melted ice cream for 6 hours.

Same goes with beer. No one relaxes over chilled beer for just 10 minutes. We're taking this to new heights.


No one enjoys making a fresh fruit juice for it to turn stale tasting and warm. Enjoy every sip like it's just made.


The Sttoke Lite comes with extra durable powder coating for a premium finish.

To top it all off, we replaced the ceramic interior with anti-bacterial food grade stainless steel that doesn't stain or retain odors.

Control it all like magic

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