PrintPods - Handheld Printer on All Surfaces
PrintPods - Handheld Printer on All Surfaces
PrintPods - Handheld Printer on All Surfaces
PrintPods - Handheld Printer on All Surfaces


PrintPods - Handheld Printer on All Surfaces

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Shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks

This is a pre-order item. This item will be shipped out directly from our supplier warehouse after the order is confirmed, it may take longer or shorter than expected, if you need this urgently, please check with us.

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Permanent ink cartridge for long-lasting prints and creations.

Everyday Printing

Printable on Rough and Curved surface

Do you have tons of ideas but hit a roadblock when trying to print on curved or rough surfaces such as stones, glass, mugs, or even food? Here comes PrintPods to set your imagination free. Easy as 1-2-3, every print is as smooth as silk!

Connect in second

1 sec connect and print! Simple and fast.

User friendly App

Intuitive and user-friendly app interface makes your printing much smoother and easier! Download PrintPods app, connect to Wi-Fi, upload image or DIY, click “print” and done. Compatible with IOS and Android, truly worry-free.

Hundreds of In-App Patterns

PrintPods sparks all your desire for creative ideas with hundreds of unique in-app patterns. Boom! Just like magic, a new big name in art!

Pully Censor

With an advanced pulley sensor, PrintPods will detect and respond to your moves off the bat. Print faster, more accurate and much easier!

High Performance

Half the size but superior battery life stands still! PrintPods’ advanced battery technology makes every one of your ideas happen with 1000+ continuous prints. Dreams never settle, neither does PrintPods!

Single cartridge = 3500prints

With just one single cartridge, you can effortlessly continuously print over 3500 times.

2x Wider

Compared to other mediocre printers, PrintPods excels, especially in its print width. A 2x times wider print width doubles your output and lets you get more done in each pass. It’s a productivity boost for business and lets you take your artistic creativity to the next-level.

Single Print = $0.01

All of us have experienced frustration when looking at the in-store print pickup price and quality. Low cost performance, fewer choices… PrintPods could your best piggy bank with super powerful printing functions. Every single print just costs you $0.01!