PowerWatch X - Powered by your body heat (200m Water resistance, With Notification) - Matrix Industries in Malaysia - Storming Gravity
PowerWatch X - Powered by your body heat (200m Water resistance, With Notification) - Matrix Industries in Malaysia - Storming Gravity
PowerWatch X - Powered by your body heat (200m Water resistance, With Notification) - Matrix Industries in Malaysia - Storming Gravity
PowerWatch X - Powered by your body heat (200m Water resistance, With Notification) - Matrix Industries in Malaysia - Storming Gravity

Matrix Industries

PowerWatch X - Powered by your body heat (200m Water resistance, With Notification)

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What is the technology used in the PowerWatch?

The PowerWatch uses a thermoelectric generator (TEG) that senses body heat and converts it into energy. TEGs need to have a hot side and a cold side to operate. The hot side is the circular black aluminum plate on the back of the watch. The cold side is the entire metal bezel and body of the watch. The hot and cold sides are separated from each other by a layer of insulating thermoplastic. The TEGs harvest the heat flowing from the hot side to the cold side and turn it into electricity.


How does the PowerWatch use this electricity?

The PowerWatch has a small battery inside that is charged constantly whenever you wear the watch. This battery maintains the time and fitness data when you are not wearing the PowerWatch, for up to one year.


What is the Real Time Display?

The Real Time Display is the display bars visible around the outside of the watch face during many watch functions. These indicate how much power is being harvested from your body heat. When you turn on the PowerWatch and place it on your wrist, these bars activate starting at 12 and moving clockwise around the watch. For most people, the Real Time Display will stabilize between 6 and 9 bars. Exercise and other activities can increase this display all the way to 11.

How much power can the PowerWatch generate?

In order to charge its internal battery, the MATRIX PowerWatch requires a temperature differential with the ambient air. It can generate more power when the air is cooler, and also when you are active and your skin is warmer. Here is a chart that shows how fast the PowerWatch will charge its internal battery at different air temperatures:


As you can see on the chart, the PowerWatch will charge its battery most quickly when you are active (walking or running), and when the ambient temperature is below 80 °F. Above 90 °F, the PowerWatch cannot charge its internal battery. In the case that it is unable to charge, the watch will work for up to 1 year. Not covering the watch with a shirt sleeve, wearing the watch snugly on the wrist, and allowing the arm to swing naturally during physical activity will all boost the rate of energy production.

What's the best way to show the PowerWatch to my friends?

Here's how we do it: Take off the PowerWatch, then wait until the Real Time Display shows zero bars. This could take a minute or two, but you can shorten the time by setting the PowerWatch on a cool table.

Then ask someone to hold out their wrist. Set the PowerWatch on their wrist and show them the Real Time Display bars increasing. You can even say, "Thank you, your body heat just charged my battery!" You can repeat this with several different friends, to see who generates the most power.

Don't strap the watch to their wrist for this demo, because the bars will stop moving by the time they get the strap fastened. It's more fun to see the bars moving, then fasten the strap later if they want to play with the other PowerWatch features.


How do I set the Date & Time?

NOTE: When the watch is turned on for the first time, you must use the app to pair to your watch initially.

To set the time and date manually, go to the Watch Settings screen, then press SET. Use the SCROLL and SET buttons to set the time and date.

To set the date and time automatically, simply sync your watch with the iOS or Android smartphone application.

How do I reset the sleep counter, step counter and calorie counter?

The Sleep, Step and Calorie counters reset each night at midnight, local time. Each day's totals are synchronized with your Android or iOS device so you can track your progress over time.

How do I turn on the backlight?

Press the MODE button for two seconds.

How do I use the Stopwatch?

The stopwatch measures hours, minutes, and seconds. To use it, press MODE until the Stopwatch screen appears. Press SET to start, stop, and reset. In some cases the display may update slowly, but the result is accurate.

How do I track my activity?

The PowerWatch can track the calories and steps for individual runs.

  1. Press MODE until Running Mode screen appears.
  2. Press SET to cycle through Start, Stop and Reset.

How do I use Sleep Tracking mode?

Press MODE until the Daily Activity screen appears. Turn the SCROLL to read Steps, Calories and Sleep.

Does the watch have an alarm?

Only the PowerWatch X offers an alarm at this time.

How do I use the Running Mode?

While in the "Real Time Power" screen, Press SET until Sleeping Now screen appears. When you wake and start to go about your day, the watch will detect that you are awake and automatically exit sleep tracking mode after a delay of about 60 seconds. You may also manually exit sleep tracking mode by holding SET for 3 seconds.

What is Power Save mode?

The PowerWatch measures your steps and activity. After about 45 minutes of inactivity, the PowerWatch will automatically enter Power Save mode and turn off the screen. If fully charged, your settings should be saved for one year or more. When the PowerWatch detects activity, it will turn on again.

How do I download the smartphone app?

Click the badge below for either the iOS or Android app from your mobile device.

Get it on Google PlayDownload on the App Store

What is considered to be "Normal Use"?

The Matrix PowerWatch does not need charging under normal use, which includes: adjusting the watch so it stays in direct contact with the user's wrist; limiting backlight activity to four events per hour while the watch is worn on the user's wrist; limiting Bluetooth syncing to once per day and not activating the watch unnecessarily or repeatedly when it is not worn on the user's wrist.

Is the PowerWatch waterproof?

Every PowerWatch is tested for water resistance at the factory before shipping. The PowerWatch is tested to 50 meters, while the Powerwatch X is tested to 200 meters.

How do I adjust the watch so it stays in direct contact with my wrist?

The back of the PowerWatch needs to be in tight contact with the inside or outside of your wrist. It will not work if it is loose enough to slip around. As long as the back stays touching the flat part of your wrist (inside or outside), the PowerWatch will keep charging.



Not Charging:

Not charging

Which languages do you support?

Right now, the languages that will be supported are: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.



Can you explain the calorie counting mechanism?

We augment step count by using thermoelectric and temperature data to provide an estimate of calorie count. This is inherently more accurate than fitness monitors that calculate calories based on step counting or other activity-based approaches.

Is it necessary to turn off the PowerWatch when I'm not using it?

After 45 minutes of inactivity, the PowerWatch screen will turn off automatically. It will turn back on when it detects motion.

How long will the watch maintain its memory when I'm not wearing it?

The PowerWatch will maintain the time and date for at least 6-12 months when fully charged.

How do I pair with an Android device?

Download the Matrix app from the Google Play store directly to your mobile device. Launch the app, and the step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the steps for pairing your smartwatch to your Android device.

How do I pair with an iOS device?

Download the Matrix app from the iTunes app store directly from your mobile device. Launch the app, and the step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the steps for pairing your smartwatch to your iOS device.

Can I import into another fitness app or send it to my computer?

Not at this time. We will keep this in mind for future updates.

Does the PowerWatch have the ability to control media apps, such as play/pause music, or adjust audio?

Not at this time.

Can I load Android or iOS apps to my PowerWatch?


How do I logout of the app?

From the profile screen, scroll down on the lower half until you see the logout button. Tap the logout button and you will be successfully logged out.

How do I disconnect my watch from my smart phone?

There is an unpair button located on the app under your profile. If you want to reconnect, follow the pairing instructions above.

How often should I sync to my smartphone?

The PowerWatch keeps one week of fitness results in memory, so you don't have to sync more than a couple of times per week. We recommend limiting Bluetooth activity to one sync events per day while the watch is worn on the user's wrist.

What can I do with the fitness data?

The app will store as much data as you want, so you can track and compare your progress in running, step count, sleep, etc.

Is it possible to connect it with another bluetooth heart rate sensor?

Not at this time.

Does the watch work without an app?

Yes and No. When you start up your watch, you must download the iOS or Android app to pair it with your Android or iOS device. This is required only for setup purposes. Once paired, you have the option of never having to use the app again. The watch time and date can be set manually under the Watch Setting screen in the future if you change time zones. The PowerWatch keeps one week of fitness results in memory. If you do not pair your PowerWatch with an app, step, running and sleep data data more than one week old will disappear. Also, to receive notifications on a PowerWatch X, you must pair it with a smart phone.

Can I put a new band on my PowerWatch?

The PowerWatch uses standard watch band spring pins to attach the band. You can attach any 22mm band to the Powerwatch and 24mm band to your PowerWatch X.

What kind of mechanism closes the straps?

The PowerWatch uses a metal buckle on a nylon strap. The PowerWatch X uses a metal buckle on a silicone rubber strap.

What kind of material are the PowerWatch and the strap? Will it irritate my skin?

The strap for the PowerWatch is made of nylon. The portion of the PowerWatch that touches your skin is made of anodized aluminum. These materials are non-irritating to most people.

What happens if I wear the PowerWatch when the temperature is 105°F/40°C or greater?

The watch will not generate much power when the temperature is very high.

How have you tested the PowerWatch?

The PowerWatch has been tested extensively, with different tests depending on the requirements of the country where it is sold. The tests include water resistance, RF interference tests, drop resistance, strain tests and flex tests.


Diameter: 50mm

Thickness: 13.5mm

Weight: 60 to 70g

Water Resistance: 200m

Display Diameter: 1.2 inch

Connectivity: Android / iOS

Notifications: Yes

Calorie Count: Yes

Step Count: Yes

Sleep Quality: Yes

LED Backlight: Yes

MCU: Ambiq Apollo