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PowerCube ReWirables Travel Plugs

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IEC Cable
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Multiple Outlets

Traveling with our everyday devices, along with their chargers, can often be stressful and bulky. The PowerCube ReWirable and its compact design make traveling with technology a breeze. We also have a travel adapter with USB in the PowerCube ReWirable USB.

Universal Socket - Plug Connection

The PowerCube ReWirable comes with a worldwide standard receptacle (fused for max 6-10A). Put your old IEC cables from outdated devices to use by plugging it in and creating an extension cord.

Travel Plugs

Travel around the world with no worries about adaptors and charging your devices, the set of additional plugs included covers frequently traveled destinations. Included is a European Adapter, American Adapter, Chinese/Australia Adapter and United Kingdom Adapter.

Functional at Home or Abroad

Once you return home, simply switch the travel plug for one compatible with your country, this way, you can optimize its use and convert it to a standard power strip.