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Hugh Inc.

One-Touch Dual Head Tamper & Distributor (51mm & 58mm)

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Find the perfect match for your portafilter basket with the new line of improved professional-grade two-sided tampers & distributors from the creators of Leverpresso - HUGH Inc.

Adjust the depth of your coffee tamper and lock it in place with just one touch with the newest tamper and distributor from HUGH Inc. The One-Touch Dual Head Tamper & Distributor is designed to add simplicity and enhance your coffee brewing routine by saving you time and effort while providing a uniform, premium experience every time.

This one-touch coffee tamper is a convenient, fast, and precise way to achieve an evenly spread out coffee with the right density to avoid channeling and make a good cup of espresso.

The maximum depth of the tamper had been extended to 28mm in total. Each side is adjustable from 2mm to a maximum of 14mm.

One-Touch Dual Head Tamper & Distributor is compatible with the following coffee machines:

51 mm Brands : Leverpresso, Breville, DeLonghi, Planit, McNulty, Osner, Smeg, Royal Stuart, La Pavoni, Wiswell, Boral, Allonde and others compatiable with 51 mm portafilter baskets.

58.3mm Brands: Gaggia, El Rocio, WPM, Simonelli, Rocket, La Marzocoo, Rancilio, La CImbali, Faema, CIME, Conti, Promac, Ascaso, BFC, Casadio, Victoria Arduino, Quality Espresso, Wega, Sanremo, VBM, La Scala, Slayer, Synesso, Altea Wood and others compatiable with 58 mm portafilter baskets.

Size 51mm  58.3mm

Body: 58.9mm (D) x 55mm (H)

Plates: 50.5mm (D)

Body: 65.0mm (D) x 58.3mm (H)

Plates: 58.3mm and 58.5 (D)


Tamper: 550g

Tamper: 580g


Adjustable depth dual flat head tamper and V-shape leveler that operates with one touch.


Tamper & Distributor Plates: 304 stainless steel plates

Body & Stand: Anodized Aluminum.