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One Shake Seasoning Shaker

One Shake Seasoning Shaker

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One Shake Seasoning Shaker

Open automatically   Easy to operate

One-Handed Operation & Automatic Lid

Pick up the seasoning bottle with one hand and sprinkle it
The special design lid opens automatically to sprinkle pepper

Place Vertically   Hygiene Monitor

Gently place it on the table and the lid will close automatically
Put an end to seasoning and foreign material contamination, health and hygiene comes first

360° Side Discharge
No Limit To The Direction Of Use

Side discharge design, can be poured at different angles

Shake It!
Handy & Elegant Seasoning Shaker

All kinds of meals are seasoned. Spilling out and pinching between gravity and hand strength is a special accompaniment between you and One Shake seasoning shaker

Decoration For Delicious Feast

Made of 316 stainless steels with the highest corrosion resistance, water and salt resistant with rust proof
Minimalist stainless-steel appearance, curved design for easy operation

Simple Utensils Decoration
Set Off The Original Colors Of Ingredients


Q1: How to fill up with spices?
You will see a filling hole after opening the silicone lid, it is recommended to pour the spices into a small cup/bowl in advance, then pour the spices into the filling hole. This is the easiest way to fill the seasoning shaker.

Q2: What kind of spices particle size is suitable for One Shake seasoning shaker?
It is recommended to use coarsely ground black pepper and household edible fine salt (refined salt). This kind of particle size allows you to pour the ideal amount of seasoning easily.

Q3: How to control the amount of pepper and salt spilled when using One Shake seasoning shaker?
One Shaker seasoning shaker creates even bits of seasoning in every shake. Please adjust the number of shakes according to your personal needs. You can look at this video

Q4: What are the physics principles behind One Shake seasoning shaker?
One Shake seasoning shaker utilizes the gravitational attraction to make the lid opens automatically as soon as it is tilted, while the gap around the filling hole is designed to prevent the salt and pepper from clogging the hole. The seasoning can only spill by shaking, therefore, it will stop spilling if you only maintain the tilt gesture without shaking it.

Q5: Can One Shake seasoning shaker store salt for a long time due to salt corrosion?
One Shake is a double-layer seasoning shaker. The internal layer is made of ABS material while the outer layer is made of the most corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel. Hence, there is no need to be worried about corrosion and rust.

Q6: One Shake seasoning shaker looks wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, will it fall easily?
The center of gravity of seasoning shaker is quite low, it can be restored to an upright position with a slight tilt. Hence, it will not topple easily for daily use.

Q7: Will the pepper and salt leak out if accidentally knock over the seasoning shaker?
The curved design of One Shake seasoning shaker creates a slightly tilted angle to the table when lying sideways, makes the lid difficult to open. The design structure can also prevent a large amount of pepper and salt from pouring out even if it opens.

Q8: How good is the air-tight function of One Shake seasoning shaker? Does it have any moisture-proof function to avoid the flavor changes in spices?
Dust-proof lid will cover the discharge hole when placed it on the table, but it’s not the same as sealing. To prevent spoilage and moisture problems, it is recommended to store the seasoning shaker in a room temperature or cool dry place and dining environment as well as away from the cooking sources and places with high humidity.

Q9: Is the cleaning method of One Shake seasoning shaker convenient?
The seasoning shaker has been cleaned during production and no cleaning is required before first time use. If you need to clean after a period of use, please empty the leftover inside and rinse with clean water 2-3 times. Wipe the outside of seasoning shaker with a soft sponge and clean water, dry it with a soft cloth. Do not put on the dust cover and place it in a ventilated place to dry off.

Q10: Do I have to buy a whole set?
Yes. We are only selling a set of two seasoning shakers at the moment. We consider that pepper and salt are the most common seasonings in daily life, therefore, we hope that this product can be used in pairs. In addition, the paired packaging combination is suitable for gifts or personal use as well.

Slightly tilt the One Shake seasoning shaker and the dust-resistant lid will open automatically, sprinkled easily with shaking or tapping, can be used in any direction.

Product Detail

Place Of Origin: Taiwan
Material: 316 (18-10) Stainless Steel, Food Grade Silicone, ABS
Net Weight: 95g
Size: Diameter 45.5 X Height 91.5mm
Capacity: 20ml
Contents: 1 Black & 1 White shaker per set


It is recommended to store the seasoning shaker in a room temperature or cool dry place and dining environment as well as away from the cooking sources and places with high humidity.

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