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Nomad Titanium Band for Apple Watch

Nomad Titanium Band for Apple Watch

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Titanium Band is the pinnacle of metal link bracelets for Apple Watch. Built from Grade 2 Titanium and an advanced Diamond-Like Carbon coating, this band is engineered to be as light as possible while giving you the elegance and durability of a classic metal link bracelet.

• Grade 2 Titanium
• Custom Magnetic Clasp
• DLC scratch resistant
• Tool included to adjust length
• Designed for Apple Watch Series Ultra, 8, 7, SE, and all previous versions of Apple Watch


• Grade 2 titanium links and buckle
• Grade N52 magnets
• DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) scratch resistant coating
• Custom 316L stainless steel lugs
• Included custom adjustment tool


• Resists a 5-20 kgf lateral slide-out force when installed in Apple Watch
• Weight: 0.15 lbs
• Width: 35mm


• Compatible with all versions of Apple Watch
• Strap is one size fits most, designed for wrist sizes ranging from 130mm to 225mm
• 116mm length (top of buckle side) and 104mm length (bottom of buckle side).

Intended use

• Designed to be worn daily for a classy, sophisticated style.

How strong is Titanium Band's Diamond-Like Carbon coating?
Titanium Band’s advanced DLC coating is extremely durable. However, it is by design slightly softer than most metal laptops to prevent our bands from scratching your expensive computer while typing. We recommend removing your band before typing on a metal laptop.

Can I take my metal band in the water?
Our metal bands can technically be worn at the gym and in the water. However, it is best to avoid wearing metal straps around gym equipment as the strap can get stuck in some equipment causing potential harm and/or damage. Your band will not rust so it can be worn in water, although we recommend rinsing the band with fresh water after swimming in the ocean or a pool.

How do I change the length of the strap?
We have included with your order the necessary link removal tool to fully customize the length of your strap. If you need assistance in customizing your strap length, please refer to our walkthrough below.

Does it work with all versions of the 44mm / 42mm Apple Watch?
Yes, it fits of Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & SE (Ceramic, Titanium, Steel, Aluminum, Sport and Nike versions).

Why are the lugs made from stainless steel and not titanium?
Apple specifically recommends 316L stainless steel for all lug bodies.

Refined Design

Designed from the ground up, Titanium Band takes cues from classic watch bands with its adjustable links and integrated lugs, and adds an innovative magnetic clasp for a modern touch.

Magnetic Clasp

An ultra-slim custom designed clasp allows the band to effortlessly open and securely close with the power of neodymium magnets.

Titanium Grade 2

Grade 2 Titanium is over 99% pure titanium. Its low density and high strength makes it a top choice for demanding applications in the aerospace and marine industries, allowing us to create an uncompromised design.

Silver & Black

Designed to seamlessly match the Titanium Apple Watch, each component is individually brushed and coated with a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) finish for a perfect color match and extreme scratch resistance. Available in Silver as well as in a Stainless Steel.

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