Mous Clarity iPhone 12 Series Shockproof Case
Mous Clarity iPhone 12 Series Shockproof Case
Mous Clarity iPhone 12 Series Shockproof Case
Mous Clarity iPhone 12 Series Shockproof Case
Mous Clarity iPhone 12 Series Shockproof Case
Mous Clarity iPhone 12 Series Shockproof Case


Mous Clarity iPhone 12 Series Shockproof Case

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Superior drop protection and added functionality in a slim & sleek design

• Innovative AiroShock™ technology provides serious impact protection
• Connects to unique magnetic accessories through AutoAlignPlus™ technology
• Uniting style and protection, our design adds minimal extra bulk
• Comes with an eyelet for attaching a wrist strap to your iPhone 12 Series

Compatible with Qi-certified wireless chargers (all of our phone cases are)

Works with Limitless 3.0 accessories

Fits the iPhone 12 Series

Length: 165.6mm

Width: 82.9mm

Height: 11.9mm

Materials & Technologies
Our Limitless 3.0 iPhone 12 Pro Max cases are made from poly-carbonate and TPU (used in riot shields)

Contains our innovative impact material AiroShock™

Contains our magnetic mounting technology AutoAlignPlus™

Available in a variety of materials. Our Aramid Fibre, Bamboo, Black Leather and Walnut variants are made from real and authentic materials. Our Speckled variant is made from high-quality, PU-coated fabric

Are Clarity cases compatible with Apple’s MagSafe® ecosystem of wireless chargers and accessories?
Our Clarity cases are compatible with Apple’s MagSafe Wireless Charging System and the MagSafe Wireless Charger will charge your phone with a Clarity case on. You will receive a 15W, fully optimised charge, just as you would with an Apple case on your phone. Additionally, the magnetic connection between your iPhone 12 and the MagSafe charger will still occur through a Clarity case, but the magnetic ‘snap’, as advertised by Apple, may not be quite as strong. You will know when your phone is in the correct charging position because the magnets will guide the charger into place, the MagSafe charging icon will appear on your phone screen and your device will begin to charge.

Other MagSafe accessories (like card wallets, for example) will not be compatible with our cases. However, if you would like to experience the full possibilities of magnetic functionality with a supremely protective case, we recommend you use a Limitless 3.0 case, which is built with our own magnetic mounting system, AutoAlignPlus™. Some of our accessories include a slimline card wallet and a range of different mounts, as well as the ability to connect seamlessly to our own, fully-optimised AutoAlignPlus™ Wireless Chargers.

Clarity cases are designed to be crystal clear and display the full native aesthetic of your phone. If you’re looking for a supremely protective case which shows off the style of your phone and effectively connects to Apple’s MagSafe Wireless Chargers, Clarity is the way to go.

Which accessories are compatible with Clarity cases?
As Clarity cases are not magnetic, they are only compatible with our non-magnetic accessories. This includes our screen protectors and charging cables.

Which is more protective - Limitless or the Clarity range?
Both ranges offer a very high degree of protection. They are engineered for protection, made from durable materials and lined with our impact-absorbing AiroShock™ material. The Limitless cases are slightly more protective because they utlise multiple different layers of materials, including polycarbonate, microfibre and tough backplates like aramid fibre. It's the combination of mutiple layers and AiroShock™ that make Limitless our most protective case range.

Will the Clarity case yellow over time?
Our case has an anti-yellowing coating which will help your case to stay clear for a longer period of time.

Clarity combines our superior impact absorption with a minimalist clear case design

Extreme protection
Scratch resistant
Face-down protection
Eyelet for wrist strap

MagSafe® Wireless Charging Friendly

Our Clarity cases are compatible with the MagSafe Wireless Charging system, so you can have both a supremely protective case and a high-speed, 15W charge

First-Class Impact Absorption

Superior impact-absorbing AiroShock™ technology and innovative material engineering provide first-class protection

Stands the Test of Time

Day-to-day life can take its toll on your phone case, which is why we've made ours scratch and UV-resistant so your iPhone 12 Pro case stays crystal clear for longer

Designed to Protect Your Screen

Raised top and bottom edges protect your phone screen, without impeding edge-to-edge swiping

Less is More

With only ~2mm added to the size of your phone, Clarity showcases your iPhone 12 Pro without affecting wireless charging

Extreme Drop Testing

We test our cases vigorously, far beyond what a phone case is likely to go through, so you can rely on them in normal day-to-day use

Long-Lasting Protection

Our phone cases are made from polycarbonate, the same material used in riot shields! This increases their durability, ensuring your iPhone 12 Pro is protected and your case maintains its appearance over time