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MOFT Snap Phone Case (MagSafe Compatible)

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This is a transparent/white case, the colour you see in the photo is the colour of the iPhone.

* Neutral Design: Transparent edges and cool white back with peep-through detailing.

* Enhanced Strength for MagSafe Accessories: Pair it with the Snap-on Stand & Wallet for the perfect accessory stack.

* 5-feet Drop Proof: Absorbs shock from advanced frame and back cover.

* Dust-resistant & Anti-yellow: Keeps your phone spotlessly clean with ease.

2x Stronger Magnetic Strength

"In our testing, Moft's case sticks more firmly than Apple's own, which costs nearly twice as much." - The Wall Street Journal.

An overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 awarded by MacWorld.

Designed for the MOFT Snap Stand Series

A better experience using the Stand & Wallet bred the idea of the MOFT Snap Case. As the first case in the MOFT Snap System, it goes beyond providing protection for iPhone 13/12, making the magnetic connection with the Snap Stands much more secure.

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Minimalist, Neutral, Balanced Design

Sleek lines and sporting transparent edges and peep-through detailing, the slim iPhone 13 case allows the native color of your iPhone to shine through while the cool white back sets a neutral tone to complement your daily style.

Enhanced Strength for MagSafe Accessories

The Snap Case, equipped with strong magnets, is a MagSafe booster from the inside out. Any MagSafe compatible products will stay securely stable for a better phone experience.

5ft Drop Proof - Shield Your Daily Companion from Drops

With the raised edges and camera ring, it is drop tested from 5 feet. It absorbs shock from the advanced compressed PC frame, keeping your phone safe and sound while maintaining easy-to-carry slimness.

The essential task companions - Case, Stand & Wallet - for your daily routine, together they provide protection, versatile hands-free viewing, powerful grip support, as well as a 3-card holder for on-the-go.