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MOFT O - Snap Phone Stand & Grip

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Q:Does the iPhone 12 series need the Snap Phone Sticker for compatibility?
A:No, MOFT O is MagSafe compatible for the iPhone 12 series, so it can be snapped to the iPhone series without the sticker. As for other phone models, it’s universal with MOFT Snap Sticker.
Q:Can I stick the Snap Phone Sticker to the phone with a case?
A:Yes, you can stick the Snap Phone Sticker to a phone case, but the phone case should be a non-rubberized phone case.
Q:How does MOFT O hold the phone to be 90° vertical mode?
A:The base of the stand is designed with a high friction material which is a layer of frosted, anti-slip silicone to help hold the phone.
Q:Is the Snap Phone Sticker reusable?
A:Yes, it’s 50-time reusable and residue-free.

Create Content At The Looking Good Angle

Snap it off and place it on any surface. It folds at 90° vertically. Rest your phone on it, you’ll always be ready for your close up anywhere, anytime. Set up your best shot effortlessly in the next FaceTime or live streaming.

Without Snap Sticker: iPhone 12 series bare phone & MagSafe Compatible Phone Case;
With Snap Sticker: All phones  
(Note: the Snap Sticker adheres to the back of the device or a non-rubberized case.)
Diameter: 2.4 in/ 61 mm
Thickness: 0.21 in/ 5.5 mm
Material: Vegan leather, PC, Magnets, Metal sheets
Angles: 45° in portrait, 90° in landscape mode, 45° in landscape mode, 90° vertical mode
Color: Jet Black, Sunset Orange, Hello Yellow and Wanderlust Blue

Snap Sticker Specification

Diameter: 2 in/ 55 mm
Material: innovative material with magnetic-like properties

Snap, Rotate and Flip!

The easy-peasy trick to explore fun from this piece is: Snap it on your phone, rotate it 360° and flip it out to unlock hidden viewing modes.

The right angle to say Hello

Upright Support For Your Best Shot

Getting ready for your small-screen closeup lies with the right angle, literally! Flip open and rest your phone on the MOFT O base for a vertical 90° angle. It’s simply the best shot, ready for that surprise FaceTime call, Zoom meeting, or a TikTok live stream.

Holding wonderful And Bold Statement Colors

Made of soft vegan leather and strong magnets, it’s also a comfortable and sophisticated phone grip that matches your style.

A Perfect Fit For Any Phone

MOFT Snap Phone Sticker

Because not all devices are made the same, the magnetic-like soft silicone Snap Phone Sticker works with any phone on the market. It’s reusable and leaves your device residue-free.

Combination of Snap Phone Sticker & Magnetic Wall Sticker

A Ticket To A Hands-free Journey

Snap the stand off, keep the Snap Phone Sticker on the back of your phone, and your phone are ready to partner with the Magnetic Wall Sticker anytime for a hands-free experience.

To “Float” Right In Front Of You

MOFT Magnetic Wall Sticker

The Magnetic Wall Sticker mounts your phone onto any surface as a companion for daily routines, from working out or kitchen assistant to watching movies and video calls.