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MOFT Carry Sleeve: Invisible Stand & Storage Featured
MOFT Carry Sleeve: Invisible Stand & Storage Featured
MOFT Carry Sleeve: Invisible Stand & Storage Featured
MOFT Carry Sleeve: Invisible Stand & Storage Featured
MOFT Carry Sleeve: Invisible Stand & Storage Featured
MOFT Carry Sleeve: Invisible Stand & Storage Featured


MOFT Carry Sleeve: Invisible Stand & Storage Featured

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Fits 11"-16" Laptops|Laptop Stand Seamlessly Built In| 25°/15° Ergonomic Angle |Expandable Storage

MOFT Carry Sleeve is transcending the traditional laptop sleeve with an innovative 4-in-1 design. It provides the safety and protection of a sleeve, the ergonomy of a laptop stand, the portability essentials of a storage bag, and a look that lets you commute in style.

There are already laptop sleeves out there. But most are either too bulky or lack room for extra accessories. That’s what we set out to do and re-invented it to a slim and compact carry sleeve with an invisible stand and storage. It adheres to the MOFT’s design philosophy ”Good product is invisible”

Built-in Stand

Expandable Storage

Carry and Protect your laptop

Stylish Daily Companion

2 Pieces in a One-Piece Design

Designed by exclusive structure, the MOFT Carry Sleeve can be folded up to a stand in literally one second. With your laptop screen raised to a higher level, you will naturally sit straighter and negate physical stress. With MOFT carry sleeve, you don’t need to carry an extra laptop stand around with you - it’s already there, making your work life healthier without anything extra.

2 Angles, More Comfort

We designed MOFT sleeve to have two angles - 15° and 25°. Now, browsing through files and documents or having online meetings will be much more comfortable when your laptop is placed on the stand in 25° angles, which is the highest angles among the sleeves. And if you work at a higher desk? The 15° is ideal for an improved, strain-free view.

Invisible Storage to Keep Essential

We all know that there are always some items you need, aside from the laptop. MOFT’s interior has convenient, expandable storage for this very reason. The bag is all you need to keep essentials such as power adapters, notebooks, cell phones, mouses, etc. It’s almost magic how MOFT can keep expanding to offer the room you need without adding bulk - thanks to the neoprene material that shapes it to any carry-on essentials.

Hold up to 10 kg

The innovative fold-in triangle structure makes it sturdy and stable enough to prop up your device. It can support up to 10 kg and fits all laptops on the market.

30% Thinner than Regular PU, 3 Years of Increased Durability

MOFT Carry Sleeve is made with customized PU material and fiberglass, making it slim, lightweight and durable while looking superb. You can carry your laptop in a sleek style, without the bulk.

Keeping Shape even folding a thousand time

It gives you a feather-soft touch feeling just like real leather with a sense of technology. Folding endurance keeps it in shape even it’s folded a thousand times.

Comprehensive Design, Care every detail

How can you use Moft Carry Sleeve