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Mininch Xcissor Pen Full Set

Mininch Xcissor Pen Full Set

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The Xcissor Full-Set Pen is a combination of scissors, art knife, and pen. This super-cool invention will put you on the cutting edge — literally. You’ll love the utility and modern look of this must-have EDC. It's exactly what it sounds like – a pair of scissors concealed in a robust, precision body with interchangeable tips for ballpoint pen or scalpel blade.

- Material: SUS304 stainless steel pen and the blades from SUS420 stainless steel with nickel plated
- Size: 140.8 mm (L) x 13.8 mm (D), 60g(weight)
- Each Xcissor Pen Full Set includes Silver Pen + Silver Scissors (Nickel plated) + Art Knife Module (10 blades included)


First of all, Xcissor Pen is a true writing instrument. It sports the high-quality and beefy SUS304 Stainless Steel with a smooth luxurious finish in the understated style. This solid construction will guarantee your pen is indestructible and have the better protection against dings & dents, as well as shielding ink cartridges. Thanks to the slight streamlined shape, Xcissor Pen is perfectly balanced and feels like a natural extension of your hands while you hold it.

The ink cartridge is interchangeable, it’s meticulously crafted and infinitely replaced with the international standard D1 size refills, means it will last you a lifetime. Writing with Xcissor Pen is an absolute joy, you can sign anything with a flourish!

The blade of scissors is made from strong SUS420 Stainless Steel for excellent edge retention and resistance to corrosion, it can cut through many materials such as paper, threads, cloths, leathers, wood chips… all normal duties with ease. The scissors are hidden in the barrel that is opposite to the writing end, so it offers protection against stabbing your pockets or bags. All you need is rapidly draw the scissors from the barrel, slide one shank from the Safety Lock with a thumb, and you’re ready to go!

What's more, the dapper shank also offers a natural thumb rest for a forward grip. It’s incredibly compact, handy, safe, and functional that allows for effortless utility cutting.

Everything in our design is ambidextrous, so the pen & scissors work for both left- and right-handed users, fit every one of all ages and all sizes of hands.

One more thing, we provide two colors of pen "Silver" & "Black", and two types of finish of scissors blade - "Nickle plated" & "Teflon coated" for your selection. The Nickle plating enhances the prevention of corrosion, and Teflon coating generates a suitable non-stick exterior; either one will make the scissors blade insanely durable and easier to maintain.

Xcissor Pen is a real one-of-a-kind showstopper that makes you smart & stylish. It's the ultimate in simplicity, each piece is precision machined & polished, you’ll appreciate its lightweight (~ 60 g) but sturdy constructions. The scissors will be easily concealed in a pocket, jacket, or bag, in case of any circumstances that something you want to cut, trim, or snip off.

Xcissor Pen is an ideal essential for general purpose use at home, office, workshop, or doing any adventures outdoors. Everyone will agree it's a fabulous pen, and we believe it shall WOW all people when it’s demonstrated. It'll certainly be a must-have EDC with you everywhere!

To make your Xcissor Pen more powerful, this product will come with an Interchangeable Art Knife Module switched with the pen nib. You can be free to decide on having your pen 2-in-1 (“Ballpoint Pen + Scissors” ; “Art Knife + Scissors”) or 3-in-1 (Ballpoint Pen + Art Knife + Scissors) as you wish.

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