Maskase -World’s #1 antimicrobial copper foil mask organizer - ZENLET in Malaysia - Storming Gravity
Maskase -World’s #1 antimicrobial copper foil mask organizer - ZENLET in Malaysia - Storming Gravity
Maskase -World’s #1 antimicrobial copper foil mask organizer - ZENLET in Malaysia - Storming Gravity


Maskase -World’s #1 antimicrobial copper foil mask organizer

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Made in Taiwan, this product does not come with a mask.

Wearing a face mask will help prevent the individual from contracting any infectious germs through droplets and contact.

However, many people overlook the potential risks associated with the masks not properly used or storaged that they tend to touch their masks with their hands, and thus, spread the microbial from the mask to their mouths, noses, or eyes unintentionally.

Sometimes, the microbial will be transferred to contaminate the pockets, bags, and your other personal belongs to make the epidemic prevention a failure.

Product Specifications
● Dimensions : W191 × H119 × D1 mm
● Weight : 17.3g
● Material : PP / Copper foil
● Color : White
● Origin : Designed and manufactured in Taiwan

More Hygenic

Unlike the mask cases commonly found in the market, Maskase use the copper foil containing 99% of pure copper to isolate and decrease the spread of germs on the mask placed.

More Convenient

Maskase can be foled and stay upright to make it easier to clean.

More Intuitive

The exterior of Maskase is marked with numbers 1 and 2 to distinguish the case used to store the unused mask from the one used to store the mask that has been taken off temporarily to avoid messing up.


High purity copper

High purity copper (99%) is used to disinfect and decrease the spread of germs that they will not live more than 4 hours.

According to a study, presented at the World Health Organization's 1st International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control (ICPIC) in Switzerland that copper surfaces reduce the rate of HAI (Healthcare Acquired INfections) by 40% and 97% in bacterial,viruses, and fungal pathogens.

In 2009, Professor Bill Keevil, from School of Biological Sciences of University of Southamptons, published a research that A H1N1 virus can hardly be found on the copper surface after 6 hours.

Folding Mechanism to stay upright

Maskase can be folded inwards to stay upright to sanitize and dry out after use.

Light and Compact

Size of a credit card. Easy to slip into pocket without revealing its shape. Weighs only 20 grams; lighter than the weight of 2 pieces of 50 cents.

Water & dust-resistant

Made of PP. Maskase is elastic, anti acid, anti-alkali, heat-resistant, and easy to clean.

Made in Taiwan

To battle coronavirus pandemic, the Taiwanese has learned that it is not enough to just wear a face mask, wash their hands frequently, and keep a physical distance from others.

Rather, it has become a everyday ritual in Taiwan to carry around the diluted alcohol spray, hand sanitizer, face mask, and mask case as the Taiwanese take every possible measure to prevent the spread of COVID 19.