Lanmodo - World's 1st All-in-One Automatic Car Tent (Pre-Order)


Lanmodo - World's 1st All-in-One Automatic Car Tent (Pre-Order)

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World First Wireless Automatic Car Tent

  • One click set up by wireless remote controller
  • 8s to open or close, 30s for total installation process
  • Charged 1 time, work up to 45 days, Open-close switch more than 400 times
  • Open-close switch more than 10,000 times for lifetime
  • ......and more!

Multiple Protection From All Elements

  • Protect your car from falling objects, snow and hail
  • Cover vehicle from bird droppings, dust, acid rain, leaves etc.
  • Withstand strong wind up to 30 mph
  • ......and more!

Best Car Sunshade to Low Down Car Temperature

  • Cool down your car temperatures up to 36 degrees in hot weather
  • A portable tent provide shade for your car anywhere when parked
  • Soft suction cup to avoid causing scratches
  • Secured by remote control system and uncuttable anti-theft belt
  • ......and more!

Available for All Cars

  • Apply to all vehicles such as Sedan, Pickup, SUV, Jeep, Mini, even 4 wheel beach vehicle, etc.
  • Easy to use anywhere
  • ......and more!

Transform into An Auto Beach Umbrella

Fit with an additional camping stand, it can be used as beach umbrella & yard umbrella.

  • Portable and convenient
  • Charging your device with USB port
  • Windproof level up to 29 MPH
  • ......and more!

Go Fishing with Lanmodo

  • Best sunshade for fishing in hot daytime
  • Enjoying night fishing with LED light plugged into the USB port
  • ......and more!

Convert to A LED Camping Tent

Based on beach umbrella, install with extra umbrella clothes, you can get a "house" easily.

  • Comfortable for outdoor activities
  • Good enclosed "house" for family camping
  • Easy to set up and pack
  • ......and more!

Outdoor Party with Family

  • Big enough for up to 7 people
  • Turn into a party tent with colorful LED lights
  • ......and more!

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