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Lamp Screen Light Bar - Momax

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Fashionable design, does not occupy space and covers a wide area. No glare, asymmetrical lighting avoids reflections on the screen, which is more eye-friendly and comfortable. Clip-on suspension, touch adjustment of 3 color temperature ranges and USB-C power input provide flexible lighting.

1. The 50cm wide hanging lamp covers a wide area, suitable for work and study
2. No glare Asymmetric lighting reduces light source reflection and protects eyes
3. Double clip suspension, flexibly compatible with displays of different thickness
4. Low-power USB-C 5W input
5. 3 kinds of color temperature, stepless adjustment of light and dark
6. Rotating button and touch sensor, easy operation

Input and rated power: 5V, 5W
Color rendering: ≥90Ra
Brightness setting: stepless dimming
Color temperature mode: 3000k-5000k
Size: 500 x 25 x 15mm
Weight: 450g ± 5g
Color: Black