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Kokoon - Sleep Aiding Headphone - Kokoon in Malaysia - Storming Gravity
Kokoon - Sleep Aiding Headphone - Kokoon in Malaysia - Storming Gravity
Kokoon - Sleep Aiding Headphone - Kokoon in Malaysia - Storming Gravity
Kokoon - Sleep Aiding Headphone - Kokoon in Malaysia - Storming Gravity


Kokoon - Sleep Aiding Headphone

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What's in the box?

Kokoon headphones, Premium carry case, USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, Sleep mask & guide, User manual

kokoon specificationkokoon specification

Your place to pause

Discover a healthier, happier you by taking control of your sleep and relaxation. Kokoon's sensor enabled headphones and intelligent audio library will take care of the thinking so you can get on with the relaxing. Find that perfect sanctuary, wherever you are.


Relax with the Kokoon app and audio library. Try techniques shown in clinical trials to help you fall asleep quicker, relax, and manage stress. Inside, you'll find techniques used in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and relaxing audio developed with sleep scientists. Avoid the pills and find a natural way to switch off.

Intelligent headphones designed for ultimate comfort

Kokoon combines premium audio, comfort focused design, and intelligent sensors. By understanding how you relax and sleep, Kokoon learns what works for you.


Designed for comfort

Flexible silicones designed to mold to your head are wrapped in soft fabric and ventilated to make sure you stay cool

Protected from noise

Kokoon headphones combine three noise reduction technologies including Active Noise Cancellation to help you switch off and relax


Sleep sensing

Sensors including EEG Brainwave sensors monitor your relaxation and sleep to personalize your experience

Headphones designed for Ultimate Comfort

Comfortable and secure even in bed. Kokoon is the result of hundreds of prototypes and thousands of hours of user testing; in bed and on the go.

Flexmould Comfort

Our patented design helps Kokoon headphones mould to the shape of your head.

Fully Breathable

Our headphones allow airflow through the ear-cups to keep you cool and comfortable.


Natural Fabrics

We use only the highest quality and most durable natural fibre fabrics.

Washable Ear Cushions

The ear cushions can be detached and washed to keep your headphones fresh and clean.

Triple Layer Disturbance Protection

Active Noise Cancellation

Kokoon uses active noise cancellation technology to cancel out sounds around you. Whether it's the rumble of a plane, a train or a busy cafe, Kokoon ensures you're not interrupted.

Noise Isolation

The first line of defence: Kokoon have designed a patent pending audio seal which works to stop external noise penetrating the headphones to reach your ears.

Active White Noise

Protect your sleep with Active White Noise. As you sleep, Kokoon introduces white noise specifically designed to mask disturbances and promote better quality rest.

The only headphones you need at home, travelling, at work


Kokoon headphones have been engineered to deliver great quality sound wherever you use them. They make the perfect travel companion with folding earcups and included carry case.