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J02 Super Silicon Multi-functional Broom - 3Jalbi from Korea
J02 Super Silicon Multi-functional Broom - 3Jalbi from Korea
J02 Super Silicon Multi-functional Broom - 3Jalbi from Korea


J02 Super Silicon Multi-functional Broom - 3Jalbi from Korea

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3JALBI weighs 345 grams so it doesn't put a lot of pressure on your arms even if you use it for a long period of time. 3JALBI is also a length adjustable broom. Maximum height is 1.4 meters.

The heat-resistant component which is used to make the head of 3JALBI is synthetic rubber called TPE (Elastomer). Elastomer is also harmless to human body and does not cause problems even when babies and pets chew on it.

From Pet fur to dust

3JALBI uses static electricity generated when it is rubbed against the floor to wipe away hair and even the smallest amounts of dust from floors of rooms and living rooms.
With just one sweep, the patented quadruple blades produce the result of sweeping about four times.

Best wiper

Wipe off the water residue in your bathroom / kitchen, prevent mold from growing on the surfaces.

Best for kitchen

Not a disaster anymore when your kids accidentally dropped their food onto the floor, the J02 can help!

Easy to clean!

4 Fine Blades

F3JALBI has four fine blades that are effective in sweeping uneven surfaces(rug, carpet, and etc).

For Carpet and Rugs

Sweep, scratch and roll. The patented quadruple blades sweep off dirt and pollutants stuck on carpets and rugs.
It is great for wiping off daily dust and hair and also very useful in family homes with furry pets.

Deep Under Furniture

3JALBI is very thin and resilient. Even if you sweep the floor with it laid flat on a side, 3JALBI's quadruple blades clean the floor perfectly. It can wipe off dust deep inside under furniture such as sofa, drawer and bed.

Children's play mat

The high-quality elastomer used for 3JALBI’s head is a safe material that has passed hazard tests against 26 types of harmful substances.

With just one sweep, you can get the result of sweeping about four times.

  • Blade 1 : Rolls up dust using friction between the floor and the blade.
  • Blade 2 : Scrapes and gathers the rolled dust from the floor.
  • Blade 3 : Wipes off the dust by scraping once again.
  • Blade 4 : This is a micro-wool blade added through Wadiz funding. It is especially useful in removing fur on carpets and rugs.
    The elastic micro-wool sweeps matters off the floor by a hooking motion for a cleaner removing of animal hair.

Anti-vortex frame structure that prevents dust flying during cleaning

The patented anti-vortex frame structure lets wind pass and prevents gathered dust from scattering during cleaning.

remove fine dust and pet hair using static scrapper

The electrostatic energy generated by friction on the scraper (blade) sucks in hard-to-see fine dust.
The scraper can suck in pets’ fur adhered to carpets and rugs that have been difficult to remove for a long time.
The self-developed elastomer material that has passed safety tests against 26 harmful substances makes use quieter and safer.