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Gravity X

Gravity X Malaysia - The easy to use car mount for all your mobile devices

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2nd generation prototype

Our Inspiration

We have all used the car mounts that won't stick, or end up falling off while driving. It was from this experience that we created the Gravity X, a mount that is easy to set up and equally as easy to use. We have spent months fine tuning the design so that it universally fits and holds any phone or tablet. We invented an entirely new way to secure a phone using the weight of the phone which in turn applies a force to a silicone pad that firmly press against the face of the device. Unlike other mounts, the more pressure you apply, by pressing on the face, the better the grip. Now we need your help to bring Gravity X to the market. Final product will be manufactured out of high impact ABS plastic with a black satin finish with a texture, giving it a high quality high tech appearance. Thank you so much for your support!

How It Works

1. Peel the 3M (safe for your car) tape from the mount.

2. Press onto a clean flat service on your dashboard. 

2 nd generation prototype

3. Place your mobile device in. It's that simple. 

Many other uses including on your monitor

Monitor Mount

or mount on your headboard to use your alarm