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GLITCH Data Blocking Card

GLITCH Data Blocking Card

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With the rise of contactless payment credit cards and passports with chips that have NFC (near field communication) enabled, a thief no longer needs to steal your wallet with credit cards and passports. They can brush up against you with a credit card / NFC chip reader. In some cases, they can employ range extending technologies and not need to get close. You may not realize that you've become a victim of wireless identity theft until you see unauthorized charges, or get a call from your credit card company. Your credit card company may or may not provide fraud protection if your data is compromised. In any case, why take the risk and go through the hassle? The GLITCH™ Data Blocking Card cloaks your data rendering it invisible, keeping your data safe.

* The design of the card may be different on different batch of production.

• Keep your data secure. Place within 5cm of contactless reader-enabled credit cards, passports, and other cards to hide and protect your data and personal information.
• No batteries required. Features the CLOAK TECH™ chip with an internal copper antenna array that draws power from the very NFC (near field communication) devices that are trying to access your data.
• Physically minimal data blocking solution. Use it with our accessories or use it with your current accessories. Either way, you've got a data blocking solution that is as thin and minimal as a credit card.
• To block or not to block? It's up to you. Keep the GLITCH™ Data Blocking Card in your pocket or bag near (but not in) your wallet or cardholder. This way, it can block your data while you're carrying it, but allow you to tap to pay or access while your credit card is still in your cardholder or wallet.
• Visually minimal. It's matte black, with a white edge, and a small white WAYFINDER® brandmark.

• Dimensions (inches): 2.125 x 3.385 x 0.037
• Dimensions (millimeters): 54 x 86 x 0.95
• Weight (ounces): 0.2
• Weight (grams): 6


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