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Generous Gel - Vaginal Lubricant Gel

Generous Gel - Vaginal Lubricant Gel

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Don’t let skin friction get in the way of your pleasure. This natural feel lubricant pampers your vulva’s skin with a 100% safe, water-based formulation. Its balanced. Non-sticky texture for external stimulation.

Volume: 30ml

Richly Textured Vaginal Lubricant

Focus on the good stuff with Generous Gel! Its gel texture cushions things up to make penetration smooth. Moreover, its thicker texture and its pH-optimal composition make it a great lubricant gel for vaginal and anal sex.

Best Lubricant Gel For The Female Body

Water-based and made with a very clean formulation that results in a non-sticky, long-lasting product, this vegan lubricant gel for women provides the right amount of extra lubrication guaranteed without gooeyness. It is safe to use with condoms and silicone internal vibrators.

How To Use Lubricant Gel for Sex

Apply some on your partner's genitals during intercourse and before penetration, and don’t hesitate to re-apply if you need to. You can also use it with your inernal vibrator.


Water-based lubricants don’t last very long, will this be thick enough for penetrative sex with a partner?

Our water-based lubricant has been formulated with the purest thickening ingredient to ensure longeviety for each use

Is this lubricant ok to use while trying to conceive?

Our lubricants for women are super safe and have the highest purity level, making them perfect for trying to conceive. They do not contain spermacide and so will not slow down semen or affect the vagina's habitat.

Can I use this lubricant gel with condoms?

Yes, this lubricant gel is water-based and compatible with condoms.

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