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Gekko Malaysia - Reusable Flawless Adhesive Hook

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Taiwan Best Selling Adhesive Hook! 

Patented suction material, inspired by gecko's feet! You can even stick on painted wall!

Gekko team strives to help you live wiser in limited space in modern house. They have been doing research on how gecko is able to climb wall/ceiling without leaving footprint.

- 以仿生技術還原了壁虎的腳掌結構,複製了Van der Waals force概念,5年的研究誕生E3高分子氣泡式結構專利。
- Using bionic technology, with Van der Waals force physics concept, 5 years of experiment, finally a high-polymer-bubble-structure "E3" has arrived.

- E3是個無黏性(無殘膠)、無毒、無色、可重複使用的吸附膠體。
- E3 is a non-sticky, non-toxic, colourless, repeatable-usage suction material.

1. 美耐板、烤漆木板、木門板等材質 - 4.5kg ~ 5kg

Laminated Hard Plastic Surface, Baking finished Wood Surface, Wood door: 4.5kg ~ 5kg

2. 玻璃、瓷磚、PVC、鋼板等光滑面 - 4kg ~ 4.2kg

Glass, Ceramic, PVC, Stainless Steel etc smooth surface: 4kg ~ 4.2kg

3. 水泥漆牆 - 3.8kg ~ 4.2kg

Cement paint wall: 3.8kg ~ 4.2 kg

** Please do not use on lime whitewash wall as the dust will stick on the surface and shorten the lifespan of the product.

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Made in Taiwan


Can be used for more than 3 years, can be stored up to 5 years

材質:膠本體 SEBS

Material: Adhesive pad: SEBS

鉤體 PC

Material: Hook : Polycarbonate

尺寸:10cm x 8cm x 2.1cm

Size:10cm x 8cm x 2.1cm


Weight: 12.5g