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Freka Filter (4pcs) - Made in Korea
Freka Filter (4pcs) - Made in Korea
Freka Filter (4pcs) - Made in Korea


Freka Filter (4pcs) - Made in Korea

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FREKA’s four layered filter helps to ensure you breathe only the finest air. While one of our layers protects against over 95% of PM2.5 (small solid objects the size of one hundredth of a hair), Activated Carbon Fibre layer removes most gaseous pollutants such as SO2, and NO2.

Filtering efficiency of 95% and above.
Using 'TORAY' high performance Activated Carbon Filter.
Depending on pollution levels, the average usage period for each filter is 2 weeks(80 to 160 hrs).
Connected with FREKA's Insert, Air Filter 95 ensures extra protection against high particulate matter(PM 0.3-0.25) levels.

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