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Foldboard - Foldable Keyboard

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This folding Bluetooth keyboard will revolutionise the way you use your tablet or phone on-the-go. Simply sync it to your device, and start typing away with a dexterity unachievable on your device's touchscreen. And when you're done typing, fold it up into a compact rectangle, and stow it away until the next time you need it.

Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Foldable Keyboard
1. With touchpad
2. Foldable, small size. Easy to carry around
3. Mac, iOS, Android, Windows (Touchpad not compatible with iOS)
4. Operating distance 6-8m
5. 80 keys
6. U.S. keyboard layout
7. Lithium-ion battery
8. Stylish but subtle

Dimension: 280 x 89 x 7 mm

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