Code 10 Backpack Malaysia - The world’s most versatile lockable waterproof backpacks - Code10 Malaysia - Storming Gravity
Code 10 Backpack Malaysia - The world’s most versatile lockable waterproof backpacks - Code10 Malaysia - Storming Gravity
Code 10 Backpack Malaysia - The world’s most versatile lockable waterproof backpacks - Code10 Malaysia - Storming Gravity


Code 10 - The world’s most versatile lockable waterproof backpacks

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Full waterproof protection

Made from 100% waterproof TPU coated fabric with high-frequency welded seams, the core of the bag is fast and easy to close, and keeps out water and moisture, even in the toughest of conditions.

Anti-Theft System

The backpack is designed to deter against pickpockets and opportunistic thieves. The roll down design makes it impossible for thieves to access the zip when you’re wearing the bag.
Our unique locking system allows you to secure the main compartment of the bag and lock it to almost any fixed object.


All of our backpacks come with a lightweight tech sleeve that attaches securely inside the bag and can be removed when you’re working or aren’t taking your tech with you. The sleeve fits laptops up to 15″ and has space for a phone, hard drive, powerbanks and cables.

Smart Strap System

If you’re storing the backpack in a luggage compartment or you’re carrying other heavy bags, our smart strap system lets you hide the shoulder straps in the back panel of the bag.

Card Pocket

The shoulder strap card pocket is designed to hold your travel cards, ski passes or any other card that you use frequently.

Secret Pocket

A hidden back pocket keeps your valuables in a secure but easy-to-reach position.


  • 20L Lockable Waterproof Backpack*/**
  • Removeable Tech Wallet (fits up to 15″ Macbook retina)


  • 65 x 30 x 20cm (open)
  • 45  x 30 x 20cm (closed)
  • 20L volume
  • 750g total weight


  • 600D TPU-Coated Nylon Fabric
  • YKK Aquaguard Zips
  • POM dual release buckles
  • Neoprene Stretch Fabric
  • The bag uses a special TPU coated fabric that is designed to be tough, durable and waterproof. It is 100% free from PVC and other harmful plastic types.


  • We offer a two year warranty. This means that you can return your product to us within two years of the date of purchase.We will repair or replace any products that have manufacturing defects, or products that have succumbed to reasonable wear and tear. We will not accept products that have been deliberately damaged, or subjected to unreasonable usage.

*The material we use for the bag is 100% waterproof and all seams use a high frequency welding technique (rather than traditional stitching) to prevent any water from entering. If closed properly, the main compartment of the bag is waterproof up to IPx58 – this means that it can be heavily soaked in water without fear of any moisture getting side. However, we don’t recommend that you use the bag underwater as it is not always possible to ensure that the bag is 100% sealed.


**We’ve created a very simple system, which is both effective and easy to use. Once the bag is zipped shut, you can secure the zip by hooking the zipper loop over the buckles. A hidden padlock can then be taken out of the backpanel and used to lock the buckles together and ensure that the zip can’t be opened. This same system also allows you to lock the bag to static objects.


About Code 10

Code 10 was founded by Charlie and Chris, two product designers from the UK and Switzerland, who share a passion for design, travel and outdoor sports.

The idea for the Code 10 backpack came about on a trip to Bali in early 2016. Both experienced issues with their travel backpacks. First Chris’ money was stolen while surfing and Charlie’s laptop was damaged while driving a scooter in the rain.

After months of planning, designing and sampling together in Hong Kong (where they both live), the current design for the Code 10 waterproof, theft-proof backpack came into being.