bitplay AllClip Mini
bitplay AllClip Mini


bitplay AllClip Mini

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Transform your phone’s camera with professional quality accessories.

Compatible with smartphones and tablets with a thickness up to 16mm.

Near-universal compatibility
Unique parallel, level design
Durable and scratch-proof
Lightweight and ultra-portable
Pairs with bitplay lens collections

The AllClip Mini is the universal lens accessory that works with almost any smartphone on the market*. Its parallel, level design ensures optimum placement for either the front- or back-facing camera. Used with bitplay’s premium lenses, the AllClip Mini turns your phone into a professional-quality camera.

*Every phone camera is different—image result and quality may vary. 

Capture teeny tiny details—up close—with the help of the macro lens.
EF 13mm / 3 x

+Flip your perspective on life’s wonders
+Explore the tiny universe around you
+Magnify close-up subjects by 3x
+Bring out textures and surfaces


  1. Size|7.3cm × 2cm × 1.9cm
  2. Weight|27g
  3. Material|Aluminum, Silicone
  4. Color|Black
  5. Packaging size17.2 cm × 10 cm × 20cm
  6. Package contents|AllClip Mini ×1,  Soft carrying Bag ×1, AllClip Mini User Manual ×1

Universal Compatibility

The AllClip Mini works with smartphones and tablets with thickness up to 16mm, and can be used with most devices’ front- or back-facing cameras. From early to recent iPhone, Android, and other devices, the AllClip Mini pairs with bitplay premium lenses to turn your phone into a professional-quality camera.

Parallel Design

The parallel and level design of the AllClip Mini allows it to ensure optimum stability for lenses placed over the front- or back-facing camera on any compatible device. Capture the best distortion-free shots with this unique design.

Durable and Scratch Proof

The AllClip Mini is made of highly durable metal that’s built to last. Combined with a soft, silicon inner lining, this tool can protect your phone from scratches—and keep lenses safe with a secure fit over your phone camera.

Lightweight and Portable

At just 27 grams ±5, the AllClip Mini is ultra-light, making it easy to carry on the go. Its compact size is comparable to a piece of chewing gum. Put the AllClip Mini in your pocket or pouch—and take photos like a professional wherever you go.

Pair with bitplay’s Lens Collection

The AllClip Mini is compatible with the entire bitplay lens collection—8 lenses and 3 lens filters—including our Premium HD Lenses and Standard Lenses (Sold Separately). Now, you can always enjoy the professional and joyful experience of mobile photography wherever life takes you.