Aubergine Pillow - Comfort in just a puff - Storming Gravity
Aubergine Pillow - Comfort in just a puff - Storming Gravity
Aubergine Pillow - Comfort in just a puff - Storming Gravity
Aubergine Pillow - Comfort in just a puff - Storming Gravity

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Aubergine Pillow - Comfort in just a puff

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Composition of an Aubergine

Nobody wants to run short of breath. It is an inflatable pillow that plumps up generously in just a puff.

Nobody wants to taste stale saliva. Puffing 2 inches away from the spout initiates the Bernoulli effect, using the surrounding air to multiply the volume of your breath. It's a wind-wind!

Nobody wants a bad fit. Perfect size for maximum hug-ability, so nest yourself on our mount-ever-rest. 

Nobody should break their necks. Sensual contours and a well-placed dimple to cradle your head and support your neck. Good support not only eliminates the all-too-familiar head lolling and bobbing, but goes beyond that by stabilising your head for optimal on-the-go sleeping posture.

Nobody wants drool stains. Dark coloured fabrics for maximum discretion and an instant dozing environment. Perfectly machine washable.

Nobody should be weighed down by a pillow. This sleeping pill deflates fast, rolls snug and compacts small.

The Multi-talented Aubergine

Aubergine vs the world

Stay cool with the Aubergine Pillow.

Daydreamers by day, designers by night. We believe that comfort is one of our most basic human right, even if we are on the go.

The Aubergine Pillow is a collaborative effort of 3 passionate Industrial Designers from Singapore. With a lighthearted outlook to life, we take delight in constructing solutions for a comfy-er, fun-er and happier life. And we crave sleep, just like you. It thus seemed like a natural progression for us to tackle this issue of obtaining comfort on demand, while of course, addressing the stuff that people don't like to talk about, like drooling.