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AM Get Clean

AM Get Clean Mist & Spray - Screen Cleaner for your device

AM Get Clean Mist & Spray - Screen Cleaner for your device

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Your phone, tablet and computer are covered in more nasty germs and bacteria than a public toilet. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

AM Get Clean Mist & Spray is an anti-Schmutz all-in-one spray and microfiber cloth made to clean phone, tablet and your laptop screens


NON TOXIC AND ODOURLESS - alcohol-free and ammonia-free AM Get Clean solution is specially formulated to gently remove dirt, dust and greasy fingerprints without streaking or scratching! No harsh chemicals used to clean your most sensitive electronics!

REFILLABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY - Both 10.5 and 37.5 ml bottle can easily be refilled and reused. Antimicrobial microfiber cloth

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FOR ALL SCREENS, smartphones, iPads, Notebooks, laptops, Kindles, keyboards, HDTV plasma flat screens, projectors, reading glasses, sunglasses and E-readers.

AWARD WINNING - AM Get Clean SPRAY is an award winning piece of Scandinavian design./p>

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Volume: 10.5ml (120 sprays) / Size: 2 cm x 2 cm x 9 cm


Volume: 37,5 ml (400 sprays) / Size: 11 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm

All In One

Keepin’ your devices Schmutz free is easy. Simply spray and wipe in one go. The microfiber can easily be cleaned after repeated use.


Be gentle to the environment and refill your product with our safe, alcohol free and anti-Schmutz cleaning solution.

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Control it all like magic

In a careful selection of products, we bring together tech gears and gadgets of the highest standard, surrounding ourselves with fewer but better stuff. We are dedicated to products that are durable, designed to last .

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