Go Sling Pro: The Ultimate Anti-Theft Travel Bag - Alpaka Malaysia - Storming Gravity
Go Sling Pro: The Ultimate Anti-Theft Travel Bag - Alpaka Malaysia - Storming Gravity
Go Sling Pro: The Ultimate Anti-Theft Travel Bag - Alpaka Malaysia - Storming Gravity
Go Sling Pro: The Ultimate Anti-Theft Travel Bag - Alpaka Malaysia - Storming Gravity
Go Sling Pro: The Ultimate Anti-Theft Travel Bag - Alpaka Malaysia - Storming Gravity


Go Sling Pro: The Ultimate Anti-Theft Travel Bag

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A compact camera bag with an integrated USB charging port, removable dividers, lined with cutproof and waterproof materials. Light. Secure. Essential.


We all love to travel. Just being in a new place can exude in us a sense of freedom. When we're travelling or exploring, many of us like to capture those epic moments with our cameras. But camera gear isn't cheap and most camera bags are not equipped to protect your precious gear from prying eyes. The solution? A stylish, compact travel bag equipped with anti-theft features. A bag that makes you feel at ease when taking the crowded metro in Paris or New York.


Introducing Go Sling Pro: A compact travel bag that can easily be converted to a camera bag and viceversa. It's designed to safely carry your DSLR and lens...and then some. We've revamped an old favourite, to make it even more relevant to today's lifestyle. It comes with slash resistant Kevlar that is 5 times stronger than steel, lockable zippers, which allow you to lock the bag for extra security against pickpockets, cutproof strap and an external USB port so you never run out of battery again. Aesthetically designed and extremely functional.


Perfect for your around town photo ops or photo worthy getaway. The Go Sling Pro's magnetic strap buckle allows you to effortlessly remove the bag. Quick access main compartment allows access for you to get to your camera quickly, and its modular construction allows you to fit a range of gear. You'll be amazed at this bag's versatility.


Travellers can be easy targets for pickpockets. Travellers with flashy camera bags are even greater targets for pickpockets. The Go Sling Pro comes with integrated anti-theft features to make it theft proof.

  • Concealed zippers
  • Lockable Zippers
  • Slashproof Kevlar mid-layer
  • Slashproof Strap


Waterproof Materials

USB External Port

Magnetic Strap Buckle

The secure Magnetic Buckle makes taking the bag off a breeze.

Internal Modular System



Is there a power bank included in the sling?

No, the sling will be delivered without the power bank.

There is a simple connection inside the sling that makes sure that you can easily connect all power banks that are on the market (by USB plug).

This way the power bank will never be outdated and you can keep using new models to charge your devices. This bag is designed to last!

Is the lock included in the sling?


What is the content of the sling?

The Go Sling Pro will hold up to 7L at full capacity.

What is the weight of the sling?

The weight of the sling empty (with the strap) is 550 grams.

Is the sling 100% waterproof?

The sling is water repellent, but not waterproof.

This means that in normal rain conditions, you should be safe and all your items will stay dry. However, the bag is not intended to protect your valuables when thrown in a pool, body of water or to be in a full rain pour for about an hour.

Is the sling washing machine proof?

The sling is not washing machine proof. However, since the whole bag is covered with water repellent material, the sling is already better protected against dirt and stains attaching to the fabric.

Furthermore, it is easily washable with a wet cloth or wipes.


 We have a true passion for style, sustainability, and function. We believe combining all of these things can improve the way we live.

ALPAKA was born in 2016 after launching a successful Kickstarter campaign. We're crowdfunded and proud of it. Our foundation is bags. But we're not stopping there. Our goal is to create highly functional products that are durable and great looking.

It's been an incredible year for us, and with the support of hundreds of backers, we were able to successfully run two crowdfunding campaigns. This is our third campaign, and we chose a more compact solution after listening to our community of past backers and customers.

With your support, we'll be able to continue to bring you awesome gear to help with your everyday adventures.