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59S UV-C LED Sterilizing Cabin (International Version)

59S UV-C LED Sterilizing Cabin (International Version)

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A Magical Box to increase appetite of baby. Just like when washing machine is first launched, 59S Carb offers a new way to clean your utensils and other edible item.!

Do you know that most of the odour smell on utensils or food containers are caused by emission of microorganism? UV-C LED can reduce the milky smell of the bottle by decomposing the odour molecule and kill the odour-producing bacterias, in just 3 minutes, it smells like fresh new bottle again.

Suitable to clean: Your protein cup, baby milk bottle, tea set, toothbrush, razor, anything you will put on your body, anything a baby would bite ;)

6 New Features


3-Min 99.9% Sterilization Process
Reduce Milky Smell
Smart Drying
Sterile Storage
Portable for Travel

Model: T5
Net Weight: 1950g LED QTY: 40pcs
LEDs Lifetime:10000h
Power: 27W
LED wavelength: 260-280nm
Input Interface: USB(Type-C)
Rate Input: 18V=1.5A
Size: 302x269x154mm
Battery Capacity: 3,000mAh, 20 Disinfection Cycle per charge
Certification: FDA Approved, SGS Approved, ISO Certified.

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