Grab August 2021 PayLater Campaign (Malaysia only)

GrabRewards With Every Transactions!
Wondering what are the rewards? Let’s find out together!


1. If you are using GrabPay online (pay immediately by GrabPay): You will receive RM20 rebate upon successful purchase.
Minimum spend: RM200 for existing user, RM50 for NEW user.

2. If you are using Grab PayLater: Existing user will receive RM30 rebate with a minimum spend of RM250. First time PayLater user will get RM20 with a minimum spend of RM 50.

3. The promotion is valid from 16 August - 15 September.


Step-By-Step Guide

1. Select Grab • Pay now or pay later while selecting payment
2. Follow the the flow until you complete the payment
3. Payment processed successfully. 
4. Customer receives a Rebate App Push.
5. Rebate can also be found in customer’s “My Rewards” page
6. Click Redeem Now and Rebate will be credited to GrabPay wallet balance


What can I do if my PayLater limit is not enough for my cart?

Here's the hack:
1. Purchase a Gift Card that's within your Grab PayLater's Limit at HERE
2. Use the gift card for your purchase, since we believe you have utilised the limit of your PayLater for the gift card, your second payment shall be paid by other method (Credit Cards, PayPal etc.)