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We've chosen the best fabrics and hardware from the most trusted names in the bag game.

Cordura branded Nylon is known for their superior abrasion resistance. 1000D (D for Denier, measures fabric thickness) is a mid-weight weave that is a good balance of tough flexibility. A Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating adds water resistance.


X-PAC is a US made sailcloth fabric from Dimension Polyant, a manufacturer that adapts sailcloth technology into a low-stretch fabric that's tough and flexible. The distinct X-PLY grid adds lightweight structure, and is sandwiched between a polyester backing and a DWR coated 210D nylon surface.

X-PAC X50 with Cordura 500D Nylon

X-PAC X50 takes the sturdy X-PLY grid, adds a polyester film backing for waterproofing and structure, and layers Cordura's 500D Nylon on top for superior abrasion resistance. A splash of camouflage pattern and a coating of C6 DWR adds water resistance. The result is a fine nylon weave with a subtle X-grid mixed within the Multicam pattern.



is the largest supplier of reliable zips. We use Racquet Coil zips that's commonly chosen by the luggage industry for its strength.

Duraflex POMDuraflex

POM hardware uses industrial-strength POM, a plastic that's highly impact resistance and known for durability.