Vinaera Pro (Gen. 2) - Adjustable Electric Wine Aerator

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The World’s First “Adjustable” Electric Wine Aerator!

In 2018, we released Vinaera PRO – World’s First “Adjustable” Electric Wine Aerator, this patented design can let the consumer decide the aeration time that best suits their taste, instantly with the turn of a dial.

It combines the traditional aeration technique with patented technology to bring about not only a revolution in aeration devices but also to support advances in red wine culture.

Model: Vinaera Pro – MV7
Brand Owner: Mercuries Asia Ltd.
Weight: 220g
Main Body: L122mm x W57 mm x H148mm
Telescoping Stainless Tube: 135mm ~ 335mm
Color / Finish:Gunmetal Color / Nickel Plating
Material: ABS/ Silicone/ Stainless/ Pump
Power / Voltage / Current: 3.6V / 9V / 400mA
Country of Original: Design in Taiwan / Made in China
Six AAA 1.5V batteries are good for more than one hundred 750ml bottles of beverage.
This product can be used with 99% red wine bottles.
Certification: RoHS, CE, JFSL, FDA (Food Safe), GB4706.1 2005
Patent: TW Pat.M510918、CN Pat.ZL201620536912.5、CN Pat.ZL
201720116277.X、 CN Pat.ZL 201820391620.6、US Pat.9862590、Others : Patent Pending.

What's included?
1 x Eletric Wine Aerator.
1 x Telescoping Stainless Tube.
1 x Product Base.
1 x User Manual.

Easy, Fast, Effective, Time-Saving, Fun

Same Effect as an decanter with instant aeration and the level of your choice, this innovation design can let the consumer decide the aeration time that best suits their taste, instantly with the turn of dial

Innovation in Traditional Decanting Wine

Vinaera PRO makes it quick and easy to get any wine tasting exactly how you want it so you can do just that.



Adjustable Aeration Function

Stainless-Steel Telescoping Tube is Suitable for 0.75/1.5L Wine Bottle

Built-in Sediment Filter

One-Touch Dispensing

Design for Assembly, Easy to Carry

Product Base

Vinaera PRO allows you to fine-tune the level of aeration to best suit any style of wine !

It is difficult to effectively and correctly decant wine. Vinaera PRO uses our exclusive patent to let people quickly and easily “adjust” the aeration level to get the best aroma and aerated taste. It has the equivalent effect of decanting for 0-180 mins, as selected by the dial. Just one tap, you can immediately experience wine at the optimal aeration level to your taste. In addition, the new telescoping stainless steel tube with filter is designed to effectively maintain the red wine quality and the product base easy for storage.

This is the revolution of wine decanting. It can completely improve the inconvenience of traditional glass decanter, saving you decanting time. Now, People who don’t understand decanting but also can easily enjoy the full bouquet of wine.





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