Stay Silky Serum - Natural Feel Lubricant for External Stimulation

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Don’t let skin friction get in the way of your pleasure. This natural feel lubricant pampers your vulva’s skin with a 100% safe, water-based formulation. Its balanced. Non-sticky texture for external stimulation.

Volume: 30ml

Natural Sex Lube for Sensitive Skin

This natural feel lubricant uses only clean ingredients. Perfume-free, paraben-free and with a soothing plant extract, Stay Silky Serum is a vegan lubricant formulated with your body's safety in mind. Water-based, it's very easy to wash-off and most hygienic type of lubricant.

Lube for External Stimulation

With its balanced formulation and silky texture, this lubricant for women is a great add-on for external stimulation. It protects your skin from friction and smoothens things up so you can focus on pleasurable sensations only!

How to use vulva lubricant?

Apply this soft water-based lubricant on your hand or your partner's and use it like you would massage oil. You can also use it with your external vibrator.


Why use sex lubricant for external stimulation?

The vulva, with the clitoral glans and the labia, is a sensitive area and gets even more sensitive when aroused. It can be very pleasurable, but it also means that skin friction can become super uncomfortable. Using a lubricant that has a natural feel and no gooeyness is a great way to enjoy an intimate massage on your vulva!

Why should I know about natural lubricants?

When it comes to products that go next to or ON your reproductive system, you need to be careful with your choices. Some options, like coconut oil or aloe vera, may sound appealing but can actually increase the risk of developing infections. A good alternative is to look for lubes that are 100% body safe, that use some natural ingredients and have high purity levels.

Is this natural lubricant ok to use internally?

The Stay Silky Serum is perfectly safe to use internally though we prefer the Generous Gel for internal us.

Is this water-based lubricant ok to use while pregnant?

Our lubricants for women are super safe. We use no harmful ingredients, and all our ingredients are sourced with the highest purity level, comparable to what you have in hospitals. They are therefore, completely sage for pregnant women.

Can I use this natural lubricant with my clitoral vibrator?

Absolutely! This lubricant is water-based hence totally compatible with vibrators.