Smartclean Jewelry .6 - A Jewellery Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Colour: Tiffany

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Smartclean Vision.6 uses ultrasonic vibrations to agitate the water, allowing it to efficiently clean any dirt, dust, grime, oil, smudges off from every nook and cranny of your jewellery & accessories. With the fashionable design and portable size, ultrasonic cleaner is no more a medical device. It is a style statement!

Our team of engineers and designers has more than 10 years experience in the ultrasonic technology field. An ultrasonic cleaner is a great stuff for hygiene lifestyle but it has never been popular in the world due to bulky and lab-use deigns.

Smartclean Vision was established with the goal of being a practical and cool gadget that people is willing to bring it to their daily life. So that people can enjoy the professional cleaning experience at home and workplace.


I clean my accessories with glasses soap, and it works well. Why do I need Smartclean Vision.5?

We actually clean only the surface with soap. A lot of oil and dust is still hiding in the parts of frame, nose pads, hinge etc. Many customers thought their things are clean until they see the "mist" coming out from it when cleaning with Smartclean Ultrasonic Cleaner. The effective ultrasonic vibration delivers the outstanding result and real hygiene of the glasses in just 3 minutes.

What liquid solution I need to fill in Smartclean to make it works?

Tap water is good enough to go with ultrasonic cleaner to clean glasses. You could even add one or two drops of regular home-use detergent to deliver better result.