R1 Radiant Urban Sling - Quick Access, Expandable - NIID X URBANATURE

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It's going to be your daily companion for years to come, so it must suit your needs and tastes, functional and aesthetic standpoint.

Too big for you? Get the smaller version (R0 Chest Bag) here!

Longest circumference (including the bag): 180cm


It's more than just a day sling!

The Radiant Urban Sling Pack is the perfect solution for stylishly carrying your daily essentials. It offers more coverage for your items than a tote, yet is less bulky than a backpack. Human & society are envolving, gadgets are changing & upgrades are happening constantly. Your carry bag should envolve too.

You never know where the day (or night) might lead, so it’s good to have a bag that can keep up. Get more out of your gear by opting for a bag with the aesthetics and feature set to adapt to changing needs and environments, such as pivoting from work or school settings into outdoor, sport or short travel scenarios.

Size: 15 cm x 22 cm x 32 cm
Dedicated compartment for iPad: maximum 12.9'' iPad Pro adaptable

- Up to approx 6L storage
- Expand horizontally to fit in SLR, drone, switch, GoPro etc. Expand vertically to fit in 12'' iPad Pro

Magnetic Flip Closure

- Quick and easy access to the main compartment
- Only one hand operation needed

- Quick-access external storage from both sides of the bag
- Perfect for temporary storage for water bottle and umbrella
- Can be also used as a tech pouch for your portable battery and to charge your gadgets when they are low on juice.

Our item is safe with semi-open storage

Magnetic Quick-release Buckle

Avoid unnecessary strain by choosing a bag that’s comfortable for the commute to work or school. Features such as suitable padding, rapid-retract shoulder strap and sufficient ventilation all play their part in keeping you comfy on the go.

User-friendly design

- YKK strap stopper
- Adaptable for right or left-handed users
- Adjust the length to suit your needs

Expand the strap quickly to fetch your camera
Quick retract to load on when active, secure when running or riding a bike


The Outer layer: Eco-Fabric, water-repellent, matt and soft

Who Are We?


My name is Cass Choi, founder of URBANATURE, architect designer and a backpack enthusiast. For the past two years, I've been exploring the viable solutions to create the ultimate everyday carry packs using my knowledge about art and science of space.

Collaborating with NIID, we successfully created our first line of products and launched on Kickstarter in 2018 to experiment further with our theories. We can't thank you enough for helping us to bring them to life and feeding us with more awesome ideas to make them even better.

This year, we came back with an upgraded version, the Radiant Daysling, an ultimate portable carry solution that takes us to the next level of simplicity and elegance.

Our Previous Design

For us, looking back at where we started, and where we ended up is always enjoyable. We started this particular journey with an idea and knew generally where we wanted to go. But the final products evolved and expanded, in great part due to feedback from our wonderful customers. We owe a great deal of our design to you and always welcome new ideas for the next product.


1. What's the zipper?

The metal zipper pull is a customized project between NIID and YKK, a leading company in fastening and sippers. This aspect of the bag is finished with top-notch mirror-grade plating. We un-derstand your preference of material, and as a matter of fact, we are developing a new soft type of zipper pull with YKK for our up-coming outdoor and active line. Regrettably, it won't be able to be applied to the Radiant Sling as it is still in the development pro-cess.