Nakey - 2-in-1 Slim Case + Screen Protector

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Colour: Eclipse Black
Size: iPhone 13 Pro Max

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NAKEY® - The Case For People Who Hate Cases.

NAKEY provides 360° protection from dings and scratches, integrating screen and camera bump protection, while preserving its shape over time and keeping the original iPhone look.

A revolution in the phone case market. 360° protection in the thinnest phone case ever created.

NAKEY® is made by Thermolayering, a unique manufacturing process which allows it to be the thinnest full protection phone case on the market. NAKEY's thermolayered frame adheres precisely to your phone's edges, and doesn't deform, even years after it's applied.

NAKEY's glasses (both front and rear) are seamlessly joint with the polycarbonate frame, so their edges are protected from impact. In other words, if you were to run your finger on the edge of the protective glass, it would feel exactly on the same level as the frame around it. This, of course, combined with a 9H tempered glass with 99% of transparency.

Almost Invisible Case

NAKEY® is so thin that you won't even notice the difference after you put it on. It looks so much like part of the device, that people will ask you if you are rocking a new iPhone that they've never seen.

Keep the original minimalistic iPhone® look

Minimalism is what we truly love, NAKEY® is the thinnest 360° iPhone case on the market. Thanks to its incredible 0.3mm thickness, it leaves your iPhone virtually unchanged, while still offering protection all around.

Easy installation, full protection

NAKEY® provides full protection for your phone, covering all sides of the device.
The screen and back side are protected by two multi-layered tempered glasses, to give even more resistance to your iPhone, without covering its design features. A thermoformed polycarbonate frame runs along the sides, to protect its edges from falls and scratches.

Polycarbonate frame

The thermoformed polycarbonate frame ensures protection and stability over time, while staying as thin and tight as possible.

Full camera lens protection

Cameras are one of the most advanced components of your iPhone, as well as the most exposed to scratches. NAKEY® ensures full protection for the cameras, so you don't have to worry about damaging them when you set your device on the table.

9H Tempered Glass: the strongest grade possible

The 9H Tempered Glass provides the highest level of protection against scratches and cracks. The screen protector is extremely resistant, yet as this as possible, providing the greatest transmission and sensibility of the touch screen.

99% of transparency

NAKEY's glass reaches 99% transparency, which is one of the highest level of transparency possible. The result is an ultra clear view of the screen. If we didn't tell you, you couldn't tell it's there.

Magsafe compatible

The incredibly thin glass allows compatibility with MagSafe® without the need for a metal ring, leaving your iPhone's look untouched.